Use Premiere Pro to Make Motion Graphics for Premiere Rush Overview

Premiere Rush is for online content creators – YouTubers, social media managers, and mobile journalists. Bold and flexible designs that can be adapted for different resolutions on the go make for an excellent user experience.


  1. Essential Graphics Panel - Where layers are created and customized.
  2. Effect Controls panel - Where keyframe animation is created.
  3. Anchor Point - The crosshairs shaped icon for each layer that dictates where an object will scale, skew, and rotate from. It also affects where a layer will show up in other resolutions.
  4. Responsive Design — Position / Pin / Pinning - Relating objects to each other and to the Video Frame in order to create responsive designs that work in multiple resolutions.
  5. Responsive DesignTime - Enabling a Title to be re-timed by the end user by squashing or stretching the clip.
  6. Mask with Shape / Mask with Text - Available in the Essential Graphics panel to obscure other shapes or text.
  7. Groups - Folders that contain layers to constrain a mask or hold like layers together.


The Essential Graphics Panel

Learn the different parameters available in the Essential Graphics panel, such as how to create and customize layers & text, import a png, change fonts, Pin objects, and Responsive Design — Time. Also learn a brief overview of the Tools panel.

The Effect Controls Panel

This is where animation is created. Learn the properties to animate with, and how to create dynamic animation.

Responsive Design Overview

Successful pinning can create flexible, Responsive Design between different resolutions. Learn how to make designs always look great with pinning and Anchor Points.



Last Updated: 9/16/19

Image Used: Gradient Titles by Wavebreak Media.