Cascade Fall for your fandom

Mission Statement

Our mission is to comfort people in need. As fandoms unite together, we comfort and protect each other. Dead characters are now alive and walking around. We want to protect and love each and every fandom.


1. Must be in a fandom

2. Must have OTP's

3. No war against fandoms

4. Must write fan-fiction at least once a year

5. Must contribute to Fandoms

6. Must contribute to fan-art

7. Always comfort someone in need

8. Always be up to adding to other fandoms

9. At least 3 hours of community service

10. Hold no prejudices

Community Seal


My Utopia, Cascade, is located on an island full of wonders called Bora Bora. separate islands for different needs, different fandoms, and different worlds. You will be surrounded by a tropical breeze, the ocean salt, the fantastic people. Trees and nature everywhere you look. Amazing libraries and great rooms for every fandom. Plants an animal surrounding you keeping you in a calm nice demeanor, at least as calm as you can get. The sweet relaxing and tranquility of the island is sure to keep your insanity at bay.


No specific schedule or times, anything can happen at anytime with different fandoms.


Our utopia is a Democracy mixed with a communist state. Fictional characters mostly are in the government, but occasionally, young people are put in. The government gives most things, but everyone can vote for different things. Almost everything is owned by government, unless it is a book, T.V. tape, Disc, or anything you bought. The reason for this is nobody really has a job, because we are all focusing on our fandoms.

All Fandoms welcome!

Why Should You Come Here?

Have you ever read a book, or watched a t.v. show or movie and just cried and sobbed all night long? Cascade is the perfect place to mourn and get comfort from other people in your fandom. Since all fandoms are welcome, you will be able to mingle with more people that understand that pain. But Cascade is not just a place to feel pain, it is also a place to dig deeper, become more fictionalized, and work with other fandoms other than your own. More people will reach out, feel comforted, and be surrounded by things you love. Everyone deserves to hold on to the things they love!

If your fandom is not shown, it will always be welcome to Cascade

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