Geothermal Energy Production By Madison MOnahan and Kiara woolfolk

Geothermal Energy is thermal energy generated and stored in the Earth.

Geothermal Energy is produced by drilling holes down to the hot region, steam comes up, is purified and used to drive turbines, which are electric generators.

We use the purified hot air to drive turbines which drive electric generators, heat houses, and even use for electricity.

Geothermal energy does not produce nor does it pollute the air. Also, these types of power plants for geothermal production do not take up much space, and they don’t need fuel to power them.

Disadvantages of geothermal energy are, there are not many places where you can build these types of power plants. Sites may also run out of steam for as long as decades. Hazardous gases may also appear and when they do are very hard to safely dispose of.

These plants are usually located in the United States, Philippines, Mexico, Italy, and Indonesia. They need to be located in spots close to the earth’s center to get hot temperatures they need to turn water into steam.

Geothermal energy is renewable this means that you can use it and never run out of them or when you are capable to get fuel in this case water fuels the power plants.

This is a geothermal energy power plant from a far.

Dry steam, flash steam, and binary steam are the three types of power plants, they are all fueled by steam.

Using geothermal energy as your main energy source is more cost effective.

Wind power is environmentally friendly which means there will be little pollution done to the environment. It also reduces how much fossil fuels are used, this helps dwindling supplies of the earth’s natural resources, allowing them to last longer.

Wind power also has the effect that some days are windy and others are not so on days that aren’t you cannot supply energy to your house unlike other days. Also the volume of the wind turbines can be heard from very far away.

Geothermal energy is more cost effective and easy to reuse.

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