Harn Museum of Art by abigail carden

Medium of the Art/ Technique of the Art

The work “Black Flame” by Tanaka Tomomi is a piece that can only be fully appreciated in person because the delicate movements of the sculpture would be lost in a picture. This piece may not be the flashiest or initially eye catching but when given a closer look, the ridges and waves of the work are truly beautiful and considerably intricate. Witnessing the work in person preserves its understated charm. I found that the lack of color allowed the movement within the piece to take center stage, which made the piece striking to me. It communicated to me how artistry and technique can be conveyed in a way that is understated while still being a stunning work. The artwork made me feel very reflective.

Design of the Museum

I found the rock garden to be particularly appealing because of the precision it took to create such an orderly and meticulous outdoor space. The garden included large rock centerpieces spaced out through the space, along with a rock ledge, and smaller rocks covering the ground that are raked in a way that created flowing lines all over the ground. I enjoyed that this exhibit was an outdoor garden, which brought a sense of being at one with nature while also experiencing the beauty in the artistic aspect of the space. The path that wound through the exhibit gave a sense of progression that was a pleasant feeling in that surrounding. The exhibit made me feel very meditative and thoughtful.

Art and Core Values

The work “Prism” by Marilyn Minter really appealed to my core values and what I value and focus on in myself. The work shows a woman’s face and mouth covered in glitter with a string of jewels held suggestively in her mouth. The piece truly speaks to the female pursuit of perfection and glamour that can often be debilitating and a cause a serious distraction from the pursuit of the good life because it focuses solely on the superficial and physical aspects of our being. This image spoke to me because this pursuit of the unattainable conjures up a feeling of sadness and distaste because its meaningless but controls a large portion of our lives. It helped me better understand how much I value physical beauty, mostly due to societal pressures, and just how absurd that is. It also caused me to contemplate the role of physical beauty and what it means in the context to the good life.

Art and the Good Life

The piece “Casita al Mar” by Emilio Sanchez perfectly embodies the Good Life in my opinion. The painting depicts a simple, clean, and brightly light red cabin. While the image might seem simple and not terribly groundbreaking, its simple elegance conveys they aspects of life that I would consider to be a good life. The house represents the family and being at home and content in life which I think is the key to being fulfilled in life. The serene setting brings a feeling of peace and nirvana. The fact that there are no people in the work, just the house, reflects that the Good Life is a feeling and a state of mind. The crisp contrast between the colors helps me appreciate the the aesthetic value of the work which contributes to the theme of belonging and what it means in the Good Life.

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