Sweat lodges were traditionally used for purification, cleansing and healing of mind, body, emotions and spirit. The Sweat lodge is considered the “Womb of Mother Earth”. It is connected to all directional powers of the universe: above, below, east, south, west and north.

In order to achieve a positive outcome, one must enter with integrity. Traditional ceremonies can focus on healing and purifying ones mind body and spirit.

Modern Sweat Lodges are used as a way to build up one's immune system.

When positive and negative ions meet they become neutral and create a balance. This allows our body to heal and our immune system to strengthen. With the use of different herbs in the sacred Fire, different parts of the system can be strengthened.

Herbs like sage, sweetgrass and cedars are commonly burned. Other herbs such as lavender, star anise, red willow, bear root and the resins like copal and piñon can be burned as well. Bear root and bitter root are also chewed in the lodge as an internal medicine.

It can be a large process and ceremony to go through a traditional sweat lodge ceremony. As you approach the Sweat lodge you come first to the altar and the sacred fire where the rocks are heated for the sweat. Both the fire and the altar are in line with the door of the lodge. This area is thought of to be Sacred and needs to be respected. The Fire Keeper remains outside of the sweat lodge, while inside the men sit on one side and the women sit on the opposite side of the lodge.

After the Grandmothers/Grandfathers enter the lodge a pipe ceremony is performed. The helping spirits are called in for guidance through the sacred smoke of the pipe, sacred prayers are offered. Prayer songs are sung with the rattles and drums. The drum is an important gift to bring into the ceremony because the drum is made from all of Creation. The sound of the drum represents the heartbeat of Mother Earth. Songs and prayers are offered during the ceremony. Cedar Medicine is the poured creating a cleansing steam that brings healing and balance.

Sweat Lodge Diagram

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