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Hello everyone! My name is LaDale Whaley, and I am an AVID Adobe Spark user. I use it for EVERYTHING whenever possible. I have been a Graphic Designer for over 20 years and an Educator for nearly 10 years, yet I love and enjoy using Adobe Spark!

My current portfolio was created using Adobe Spark Page, and is currently featured on the Education Inspiration Gallery.

Adobe Spark Education Gallary
Workshop 1 - Start Learning Adobe Spark

How I Use Adobe Spark to Enhance my Classroom

I use Adobe Spark Post, Page, and Video for may things. I could go on forever on ways I use it, and ideas I have for the future. However, I'll keep this simple by showing you this video below of several ways I use Adobe Spark in my classroom.

Workshop 2 - Creating a Training Plan

The more I participate in the Adobe Education Exchange I am learning to create better training plans. While I have always used Microsoft Word or Adobe InDesign, this was the first time I created a learning plan using Adobe Spark Page. I must admit, I like it. Once Spark Page give us more freedom to create the dynmaic websites (as Muse did) I believe the skys will be the limit. Here is the train plan I developed from my training session below:

Workshop 3 - Delivering a Training Session

Below is the training session I recorded and shared with a couple people who asked me to help them learn Adobe Spark. Most of them were not designers, but are not afraid of technology, and others are technologically challanged. However, they are willing to try. However, upon viewing the video, they were able to get started using the software quickly.

Trainig Video

Student Work

After the training I ask that the students share their work. Below is the work provided by one of my students, who has begun using Adobe Spark for her own professional work.

Adobe Spark Post design my DeLana Y. Boykin

Participant Feedback

  • Create an assignment for the participants to create
  • Do a combination training to include all three (Post, Video, Page)
  • Create downloadable handouts

Why I Love Adobe Spark

I love using Adobe Spark because I can design and edit on the go. If I have a lecture to prepare, I can edit as I get ideas on the go. Instead of waiting until I get home. The presentation I begin on my phone or iPad can be easily transfered to the online software. I look forward to the day when Adobe Sparks give us more freedom and layouts to create more dynamic designs. While I still love my traditional Adobe software, Spark has simply made it easier for me to use my creativity in more then just one way.


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