Just Add Beats Creative audio PRODUCTION program for kids

STEAM Learning With Audio

Tools for recording and distributing professional quality audio are more affordable and accessible than ever. With the right tools and curriculum, schools and other learning centers have the opportunity to foster students’ creative musical thoughts, stories, and inventions in an audio maker space. Welcome to Just Add Beats.

What will your students create? Here are some ideas:

Creative Audio Agencies: Teamwork in Action

Students work together in small teams as Creative Audio Agencies competing in real-world audio design challenges. They record podcasts, produce original songs, and design sound effects for video games and movies to win clients. No previous audio experience is necessary.

Each agency (3-4 students) is assigned their own audio workstation for recording podcasts, making original music, and designing sound effects.

Tools: The Audio Workstation

Most school computers can be outfitted with affordable audio production software and hardware to become an audio workstation.
Students creating an original song for an audio design challenge.
Students learn how to properly record vocals and other audio sources using a variety of microphones.
From original song lyrics to scripts for a podcast or a commercial, writing is an important part of the program.
Students compose music using virtual instruments and digital recording software. No previous musical training is necessary.

Professional Instructors

An audio professional visits the campus to teach the Just Add Beats audio production curriculum and guide students through the audio design challenges.

Andrew Karnavas: Yawp Records CEO and Just Add Beats Program Director

The Just Add Beats Process

Here's what to expect moving forward:

Ready to Just Add Beats to your school?
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