Alexander the Great By: Liam bridgeman

Alexander was born into a wealthy family. His father was king of Macedonia, his name was king Philip ll. His mother, Olympias, was from Greece. Alexander took the thrown shortly after his fathers death. Some people in Macedonia thought that he shouldn't be able to because he wasn't fully Macedonian but he became leader but had to go through a lot of adversity. As a young boy Alexander was trained to be a general in the military, he was also tutored by Aristotle.

Alexander had been training his whole live to be king and now he finally got his shot. When his father died in 336 B.C. at a wedding. When Alexander was young his father got a horse from this trader. The horse didn't like Philip and it wouldn't let Philip ride him. Alexander asked his father if he could tame the horse and Philip told him he could and Alexander then walked up to the horse and rode it.

Alexander took the thrown from his late father. He was 20 years old when he was made king of Macedonia (kind of like Kim Jong-Un). Alexander knew that his father wanted to control all of Persia. After Philip died Alexander knew exactly were he was going to lead his army. He led the Macedonian army straight to Persia with aspirations of taking them over and possibly leading their army.

The Persian War started 334 B.C. when Alexander first attacked them. The Persian army was gigantic with about 200,000 soldiers and Alexander only had 35,000 men. His men and him were on the offensive so he didn't know a lot about here he was going to fight, almost like a team going to an away game. By the end of the war only about 100 of Alexander's men died.

After taking the Persian Empire Alexander went to Egypt in 332 B.C. . He and his army didn't stay in Egypt for long, only about 6 months. But while he was there he installed a Greek government control his territory in Egypt. He also made a new Greek capitol in Egypt on the mouth of the Nile river, it was called Alexandria. After Alexander the Great became Alexander the Pharaoh of Egypt he left to conquer more of the known world.

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