The Alchemist Written by: Paulo coelho


  1. Santiago
  2. Old woman
  3. Melchizedek/King of Salem
  4. Crystal Merchant
  5. Englishman
  6. Fatima
  7. Alchemist


Santiago is a shepherd boy, he is the main character in The Alchemist. He has a recurring dream about a child telling him about the hidden treasure in Egypt.

Old Woman

In Santiago's dream, an old woman tells him that his dream is prophetic and he has to follow the instructions, but he doesn't he goes on living his life as a shepherd.


Santiago meets a man Melchizedek or the King of Salem. He tells him about good and bad omens. Melchizedek gives Santiago two stones called the Urim and Thummim.

Crystal Merchant

Santiago sells his flock and purchases a ticket to Tangier which is in Northern Africa so he has to take a boat. Shortly after he arrives there, he gets robbed. So Santiago ends up looking for a way to make some money. He ends up helping the Crystal Merchant find good ways to display the crystal so that way more people will buy the crystal. After eleven months, Santiago has enough money, but is unsure how to proceed.


Santiago joins a caravan to Egypt. The Englishman that Santiago meets wants to learn the secret of alchemy(or turning metal into gold) from the Alchemist who lives at an Oasis.


The caravan stops and while Santiago and the Englishman ask people where they can find the Alchemist. Santiago meets this woman named Fatima and falls in love with her instantly. Caravan leaders tell them that the caravan can't go any further because of tribal warfare.

The Alchemist

Santiago wanders through the Oasis and into the desert. Santiago is confronted by a stranger on top of a white horse with a sword. It's the Alchemist, he offers to cross the desert with Santiago. The two men soon enter an area of tribal warfare and get taken captive, but they get allowed to continue on the quest. The Alchemist then tells Santiago that he needs to finish the journey on his own.


Santiago gets to the pyramid and begins to dig, but he finds that there is nothing in the ground. Thieves beat Santiago and stole the treasure. After he tells them his dream, one of the thieves recounts his old dream about buried treasure in a sacristy abandoned church. When Santiago returns he goes to the church of where he dreamed of his buried treasure. He dug right beneath the sycamore tree where he slept, and there it was, Santiago's treasure.

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