The River Women Series Sessions fine art portraiture in rivers by Lindsay Wynne Boudoir

Take a moment & close your eyes and just breathe.

Imagine yourself standing on the bank of a beautiful river as the sun is dipping below the trees. Your long, flowing dress flutters in the breeze. You feel calm. You feel empowered. Brave. You radiate confidence. Close your eyes. Really put yourself along the river bank. Feel the warm soft sand on your bare feet. The coolness along the water’s edge. It feels amazing, right?

That, my friends, is a River Women Series Session. Just you, me, a flowing dress and some water. No fru fru lingerie. You don’t even have to have hair & makeup done. It’s simple. It’s empowering. It’s transformational in a totally different way than boudoir sessions are. Throughout history rivers have had mystic & healing properties. There is something primordial and ancient about them that we are drawn to. They renew us. So many women are drawn to this series, it truly amazes me. I’m stunned that the few I’ve managed to photograph between summer storms has had such an impact. And I want more women to experience this. Don't just take my word for it. Below is what my most recent River Women Series client said about her session.


Something so empowering about posing for this shoot. The river was so cold - it almost took my breath away when I first got in. I wasn't sure how to pose in a dress weighed down by water. I'm not sure how to pose, period - I'm no model. But after a moment in the water, it started to feel comfortable, smooth, freeing. Lindsay Wynne gives amazing direction and she knew just what to tell me to do. By the end, I did not want to get out of the river. One of the most powerful photo shoots I've ever done.- Melissa O

The Location

Each river women series location is carefully scouted. Locations are anywhere from 30 minutes from Charlotte to the mountains. Most locations are within 30-60 minutes of Uptown Charlotte, just over the border in SC, west of Charlotte or southwest of Charlotte in the Catawba or Broad Rivers. I will have early morning and early evening River Women Series Sessions available from May until October.

What You Need

  • An adventurous spirit (We will be deep in the rural NC woods!)
  • A long, flowing, white/cream or solid colored dress (click the link below for examples & links to buy)
  • Water shoes! (The rocks are slippery)
  • A change of clothes (including a bra & underwear!)
  • A towel (super important!)

What To Wear


long white/cream/off white dress


black or darker colored long flowing dress


nude under a sheer dress or lingerie/bikini


free people/festival style bohemian layered look

Session Info

These are private one on one sessions in a river. We will travel either together or separately to the session location and hike into the location. Sessions typically last an hour and at the end of the session you will be laying in the river!

I will also be doing very limited group River Women Series excursions. That means I will take 3-4 women to a location and you will each get a 30 minute session. Grab some girlfriends, pile in the car and join me for an adventure! This gives us enough time to capture a handful of timeless portraits of you in the river but it's not a full session.

Many clients add professional makeup to their sessions but it's not a requirement. No need to get your hair professionally done as by the end of your session you'll be laying in the water!

Full Sessions include:

- 1 hour of photography time with Lindsay Wynne

- Access to her River Women Wardrobe Collection

- Four 4x6 archival quality fine art prints

- Option to purchase other products such as larger prints, canvases and brass image boxes.


Each group session client gets up to 30 minutes of photography time with Lindsay Wynne, access to her River Women Wardrobe Collection and one 8x12 archival print. Group Session clients also get a discount on full sessions with Lindsay Wynne.

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Ready to have a transformational River Women Session?

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