You have great stories to tell... We create amazing visuals for those stories

Through the maze + Out of the box

We know your pain... timelines, expertise, egos, budgets and more...

Telling stories with one frame or many...

We Explore... We Distill... We Deliver!

Your business has stories to tell, with people, ideas, and products that evolve with ever changing goals and ambitions. You know that great visuals tell stories that connect. Working with a solid team makes it all go smoothly.

Visual Solutions for Business: Inspire + Impress + Inform

We are visual storytellers...

With the tools, skills and the team to make you look good! Let us be your Strike Team!

Whether your clients are small, mid size, large or multi-national, you know they have similar problems. They need to get a succinct message out to their customers, vendors, stakeholders and the community at large.
Great teams put your staff, your facilities, your products + services ahead of the game. That means producing better work, while still meeting deadlines and budgets.

We want your clients excited.

Any industry: Health Care, Hospitality, Manufacturing or Service... they all have amazing stories. What is their best story? We can help you get there.

One step at a time...

You and I both know, it's a journey for a business or an organization to bring services or products to market, to vision, design, and create them, and then to deploy the resources and people to make them come alive. Illustrating and portraying this story in a compelling and inviting way is our job.
My name is Kevin Anderson

I just wanted to introduce myself. I moved to Greenville about 2 years ago. My name is Kevin Anderson and I own Strategic Media, a visual solutions production company. I am a cinematographer, still photographer + visual storyteller, working for clients around the world for over 20 years.

Change your perspective! Do the unexpected!

Lifestyle in Action!
We are inviting you to look at our new microsite, www.HeroStoryTeller.com, and I would love to start a conversation to see how we can work with you to tell some amazing stories.

Click the link below to see more examples of our work.

A remarkable story is written well before the cameras roll. For us, this comes from our passion for listening, for finding the heart of the story, and in our drive to make every story we tell, the best story we've ever told.

We have worked with agencies and creatives all around the world. We love playing on a winning team and finding the stories that matter, the images that connect, the projects that keep your clients coming back.
Design it... Build it... Appreciate it...
Sometimes, the story is about how it makes you feel...
Sometimes, the story is in the eyes...
Our team has helped to produce content for Fortune 500 and more, from marketing campaigns to corporate communications and live events - we can pull the team together. Let us be a resource and an external "strike team" for you. Dynamic, scalable and creative - out of the box thinkers.

Red buttons are links to case studies (click to view)

Let us help you create the following for your clients:

  • Campaigns for branding or product launches
  • Still photos for websites and collateral materials
  • Branding or marketing videos
  • Training videos
  • Corporate communication materials
  • Employee recruiting and retention materials
  • Social media content and videos
  • Broadcast media
  • Case studies / microsites (for specific products/services/locations)

HeroStoryTeller.com is a product model of Strategic Media Productions.

Greenville Production Services: Contact Doug Smith

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