Pugachev Rebellion BY: lorenzo cutinello

Was it a revolution or a rebellion?

Pugachevs rebellion should be classed under a revolution because the civilians rebelling had goals for change in all three aspects of social, political and economic ways of the life.

Who was Pugachev?

Yemelyan Pugachev was a Russian peasant leader and led peasants to revolt more than once. He became famous for spreading a rumor to the peasants and lower class that Peter III was not actually murdered, this soon became a widespread peasant belief.


Social Aims

Russian peasants and serfs wanted social change due to the unfair treatment of the serfs. Peasants at one point were property or owned by Nobility. Peasants were treated wrongly by every social class above them. They wanted to these social changes to be implemented.

Peasant Being PO

Political Aims

Peasants had little to no political power in the Russian Government. They had very little say in anything that happens such as taxes and laws. The peasants felt abandoned by the Modern State. And Catherine the great didn't help by giving the Nobility more power over them. The peasants wanted a say in the Government of Russia

Catherine The Great: Ruler of Russia during the Rebellion

Economic Aims

Serfs and Peasants in the Russian Empire Didn't usually own land and property. For the most part they lived on Estates working for the Nobility, which you could imagine didn't make them very happy. Peasants they were living in difficult circumstances and really had no way of changing it and eventually it became clear that the only way of changing it was to rebel.

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