African American Civil Rights

A Civil Rights tactic was used on April 15th 2017. We call it, The Trump Tax March. This event gathered protesters around the country to call on Trump to release his taxes.

Trump refusing to release his tax returns led to the beginning of this event. He claims that he was under audit. Washington Post Asked for comment from Trump on Thursday, The day of the Tax March. The White House's press secretary Sean Spicer, also repeated that Trump is under an IRS audit, in addition, he said that president Trump has been transparent with his finances.

Many people protested on this march because they thought that by doing this would make President Donald Trump release his taxes. As a result they got Trump to state that he has been under audit. The march was also a call on lawmakers to pass a tax reform so it doesn't only benefit the richest Americans.

Trump Tax March upsetting many civilian around the U.S.A

Hollywood also Joins Tax March Protests On Ground And On Twitter. Sarah Silverman had an impact at this march by saying, “Show us your f***ing taxes, you emotional child".

Shows Sarah Silverman and may other's reaction to The Trump Tax March.

The outcome was Trump making excuses about why he hasn't released his taxes. Many people won't let this go and will try and change this from happening in the future.


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