Powering our Future Thomas Jefferson Independent Day School: You were here.

You remember the all-school picnic, right?

You ate lunch with your picnic buddy, and she joined you on the field for games of skill, speed, and strength. She showed you how to catch a water balloon without breaking it, and how to beat the boys at tug-o-war. You learned a lot from your picnic buddy, and even though you only spent one day a year together, you knew each other well. As the years passed, you became the big buddy, and you had a young person looking up to you for advice. When you were here, and while you weren't looking, there were parents and grandparents and graduates supporting TJ through annual giving. They were powering the future by providing a world-class education for hundreds of students who would grow up and succeed in college and in life. They were investing in you, and their gifts were powering our future.

Thomas Jefferson students still compete regularly in foreign language contests -- and they still win.

The Annual Giving Campaign helps TJ attract and retain world-class teachers like the ones who made a difference in your life.

The lessons you learned on the court while you were here are valuable, and the coaches today are teaching a new crop of Cavaliers those same lessons.

While you were here, you contributed significantly to the life of the school. Your ideas inspired future students to expand their horizons and test new capacities. 

You inspired the younger children with your perseverance and character,

and your academic success inspired your teachers to continue their good work.

Since you were here, not much has changed at TJ, really. The mission is the same,

a large percentage of the Upper School still performs in a spectacular musical every year,

The entire Upper School still takes a trip together every fall,

the Upper School scholar bowl team usually wins the MSHSAA Class 1 state championship,

students excel in vocal performance, and compete at the district and state levels,

instrumental and vocal ensembles win awards for their performances, 

and Cavaliers win team and individual awards at the conference, district, sectional, and state levels for their athleticism and sportsmanship.

You are out making an impact on the world, starting families, and shaping the future. There are hundreds of children here today, and they are following in your footsteps. When they graduate from TJ and finish college, they will be the people shaping the future. The people who supported the Annual Giving Campaign while you were here made your TJ experience possible. Now, you have an opportunity to make an impact on the lives of the children here. You power the future with your support of our program. Your support powers curiosity and exploration, wonder and discovery, challenge and achievement, and everything else that makes TJ special.

Your tax-deductible gift to the Annual Giving Campaign directly supports all of the school’s programs at all grade levels. Please consider supporting the children at Thomas Jefferson by making a gift to the TJ Annual Giving Campaign.

Help power our future.

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