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Wendi Webb, MBA

So... how's your marketing going? You getting in front of people?

If not, maybe I can help. I've worked with hundreds of independent financial advisors, CPAs and attorneys to market their business and set up systems to keep that marketing going. I might be able to help you, too. Maybe. Won't know until we talk. So contact me. The conversation is free.

Some Things I Do:

Lead Magnets • Webinars • Education & Sales Presentations• Web Copy • Email Marketing • Thought Articles • Social Media • Blogs • Newsletters • E-books • Articles • Ads • PR

And I can do more. Let's chat.

Wendi Webb, MBA

wwebbmrktg@gmail.com | 949-833-2182

Wendi Webb's Credentials:

Wendi Webb, MBA, specializes in helping financial advisors, CPAs and attorneys get the right message to the right clients at the right time. Wendi's role as the director of marketing at a financial advisory firm led to the creation of the Advisor/Client and Advisor/CPA Marketing Programs at Horsesmouth, where she guided thousands of financial advisors through her systems approach to marketing.

Author of the book "Rich Niche Prospecting," Wendi has produced hundreds of marketing campaigns both online and off. She's given over 250 live webinars for both advisors and clients and has written and designed almost every kind of marketing deliverable you can think of including email marketing, sales presentations, website content, editorial, direct mail, lead generation, sales letters, press releases, advertising and more.

Wendi earned her Bachelor of Journalism degree from the University of Texas at Austin and her MBA from Pepperdine University.

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Wendi Webb

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