Judgment at Nuremberg By Keyura KAtam

Outside of the Philips Center

The Spatial Experience: I've never seen inside or outside the Philips Center, so I wasn't sure what to expect exactly. When I looked at the building, I was surprised by its enormousness. I had seen other auditoriums such as this, so I thought it would be similar to what I had seen before, but would not be able to live up to my expectations. The Ruby Diamond Auditorium at FSU is one such example. I figured the Philips Center would be similar to that, but I hadn't expected the capacity of it to be so large. The fountain also added a nice aesthetic touch. My seat location was in the balcony. I didn't really enjoy the balcony as much as I thought I would have. If I was higher up and father away, I thought I would be able to have a good view of all the characters on stage, but it made it harder to have the full experience since the seat the didn't allow me to indulge into the play. I appreciated the very sophisticated setting. When the lights dimmed and the audience quieted, the mood of the auditorium became much more serious and I was able to experience the play as if I was actually there. The size of the auditorium didn't contribute much to my experience because I didn't see all of the audience from the balcony. Though it was large, there weren't many disturbances. One thing that did feel nice is enjoying the show with company and looking around to observe people's emotions from their facial expressions.

(written permission to include pic of friend on right was given)

The Social Experience: I attended the performance with both friends and strangers. I met the "strangers" an hours before the performance. They were able to give me a ride to the center, so I agreed to go with them. I was able to introduce myself and got to know them better during the car ride there. I also saw one of the girls who lives on my floor in my dorm there and since I was fairly close with her, we talked and then sat together. It definitely a memorable experience because I met two new people through this trip. I didn't do much to get ready for the performance other than reading up on it a little before I came to the center. Much of my knowledge about this comes from a history paper I did on the Declaration of Helsinki, in which I focused on the Nuremberg trials, so I think I was able to understand the play a little bit more than other people. Having company with me made it a more fun experience because I could ask my friend what had just happened if something was not clear and through chatter like that, we were able to get a second opinion about the show. The role of sharing experiences is, I think, crucial in the Good life because at the end of the day, you can be so successful and accomplish things, but it is a whole different experience if if you were to have someone to share those moments with and get a different opinion about things.

Lobby of Philips Center

The Cultural and Intellectual Experience: A performance of this historical event that happened help me realize how much society has changed and how differently countries view values. As I had said before, I knew much about trials that took place at Nuremberg because it was part of my history paper from high school, but also because of plain curiosity. I was intrigued by the experiments the Nazis did on the Jews during the Holocaust. The experiments were cruel beyond imagination. This play doesn't relate to one specific thing that is happening in my life, but it's a series of events and observations. Since coming to college, I've made many new friends and it's been interesting to find out the values that they believe in the most and compare them to mine, especially in my good life class.

Cast of Judgment at Nuremberg show

The Emotional Experience: I think this play allowed revealed the racism that was evident and still is evident within society today without being controversial. Germany was extremely antisemitic and anyone who tried to rebel against the Nazis were immediately put down. This plays reflects that hostility and even now. America is known for its diversity and welcoming all races. However, the government cannot represent the opinion of every single American, and sometimes conflicts arise due to not being able to accept other races, resulting in racism. This play has successfully made us subconsciously realize the racism that we see in our everyday lives, especially with recent events, and that it is not completely gone.

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