Off to Bassett A visit to Grandma and Grandpa

On Good Friday 2015 we went on a trip to visit Mum and Dad. Aurora was particularly excited, having asked about seeing Grandma and Grandpa almost every day since Christmas.

Aurora enjoyed educating Grandma in the latest technology.

As lovely as it was sitting around chatting at home, Aurora started to get a little twitchy. Hence, I took her off to the park to burn off some of her boundless energy.

The park
Look, a big lake, Daddy!

We had a delightful stroll around the lake and Aurora was somewhat fascinated by the bright orange lifering that some contemptible delinquent had sadly thrown into water.

We also had a good run round on the grassy meadow by the side of the lake, although I realised with hindsight that having Aurora pelting up and down a hill next to an unfenced lake wasn't perhaps the brightest move. I was always between her and the water, of course, but I'd really rather not have her test her swimming lessons in the murky depths of Bassett's Jubilee Lake.

The flowers were enjoying the springtime weather.
The playground
Let's go on the pirate ship!

The playground was what Aurora had been waiting for, of course—the threat of bypassing it was probably one of the main reasons she was so well behaved on the rest of the walk.

Aurora trying to decide what to play with first.

As seems traditional when we visit my parents, it had rained recently and all of the wooden construction was nicely slippery. This meant a good workout for Daddy as he attempted to hold Aurora's hands whilst simultaneously attempting to negotiate the assault course himself.

Aurora loved climbing - with a little help from Daddy.

After climbing on "the mountain" as she called it, the cone-shaped nest of ropes pictured above, Aurora was keen to take a turn on the aerial runway. Unfortunately she hasn't quite got the hang of holding on quite yet, so Daddy has to run alongside, ready to catch her should she slip. A good job Daddy does all that cycling.

I almost think Aurora had more fun pulling it along than riding on it.

It was starting to get towards time for dinner by this point, and I could also see a fresh batch of rainclouds rolling in—but of course it just wouldn't do to leave before Aurora had taken a turn on every last thing.

Just another minute, Daddy!
The walk home
I've got my hood up, and you've got your hood up too, Daddy!

On the walk back we started to hurry a little as a light drizzle started to form and gradually developed its way towards a tedious downpour. En route I couldn't help but notice a number of fallen trees, but I wasn't sure if they were intentionally felled, or if the park had simply fared poorly in the recent strong winds—either way, it's always sad to see fallen trunks, somehow.

Aurora was very interested in the trees, especially the fallen ones.
Aurora had to be firmly persuaded that it wasn't a good idea to "get in the big hole" left by this fallen tree.
End of the day
Stop it, Daddy, I can roll my sleeves up MYSELF!

Upon our return we had a delicious dinner of beef stew and roast potatoes, and the choice of desserts were certainly also up to Mum's usual high standards. Everyone tucked in eagerly, but I noticed that Aurora's appetite seemed especially keen, so I regarded the trip to a park as a great success.

After that it was time to say our goodbyes and head off to the hotel to spend the night before heading home the next morning. It was a lovely trip, and great for all of us, and especially Aurora, to have a chance to catch up with Mum and Dad.

Time for bed
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