Renaissance Portrait By Zoe STAT


Original Portrait

My Portrait


In my renaissance portrait I used a red-haired lady in a green dress with a burgundy background. I then super-imposed my face on to the head, added a ping-pong paddle, threw in some hair clips, and changed the background to a Greek village. My inspiration for the background came from my Greek heritage; I've never been to Greece even though I'm Greek, so I thought it would be a fitting place to "take" myself to. I used a ping-pong paddle because I love to play ping-pong with my brothers after school and I used hair clips because I've been into the weird hair accessory trend lately. A design problem I encountered during the process was my bangs; they made it really hard to put my face onto the head because they made it clear where my hairline/forehead started. I finally problem-solved by just putting my face over the renaissance portrait and then carefully erasing my bangs so that the renaissance lady's forehead looked like it was mine. Another problem I encountered was the skin tone of the original compared to mine. I found that she had a much yellower undertone which I initially didn't want to deal with, but I resolved it by toggling with the color scales. The coolest part of the piece was getting to see what I would've looked like if I lived in the renaissance era. It was bizarre to see my face attached to a body in a fancy dress. With the skills I learned in this unit I can apply it to other classes (such as visual arts) and continue to grow my skills and creativity.

Link to Photoshop File

Three Steve Carty Workshop Photos


The three portraits I took were of you, Ryan, and Steve. The lighting choices were made to make the subjects look as flawless as possible, which was achieved by side lighting which flattened skin imperfections and cast nice shadows. I think photography is a wonderful skill to have on hand, and will definitely be using my knowledge to take better photos of friends and family in my everyday life.

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