"Peace Rhapsody" Youth Exchange (June 28-July 5)

Info pack:

“Peace Rhapsody”

Hosting organization: La Víbria Intercultural

Venue: Terrassa, Catalonia, Spain

Youth Exchange dates: 28/06 arrival – 05/07 departure

Number of Participants: 32

Participant countries: Spain, Georgia, Ukraine, UK

Working language: English

Participants profile: Youngsters between 18 and 30 years old

Overview of the Youth Exchange

The project will bring together total of 28 participants and 4 youth leaders coming from 2 European Union and 2 Eastern Partnership countries.

The main aim of the Peace Rhapsody is to develop awareness and basic competences of participants in conflict transformation and to involve them in the process of Peace Building by using art as a tool. Our main objectives are:

  • To enable participants to transform conflicts of their daily bases by using non-formal education approaches and creative expression tools.
  • To raise awareness of youngsters about non-discrimination, no hate speech and gender equality issues
  • To enable participants to express and share their personal views and understanding of the Peace through art
  • To motivate them to act as multipliers in Peace building activities when return back home.

Main goals we want to achieve through the project are: to involve young people in the process of peace building, conflict transformation, raise their awareness in the gender equality and non-discrimination matters; to equip them with artistic, creative skills and encourage them to create video and street art on the topic of conflict transformation and peace building. To develop intercultural understanding youngsters coming from different part of Europe by sharing their culture, traditions among each other. To motivate youngsters especially ones with fewer opportunities to become more active, to act as a peer educators and make positive impact on their local communities.

Peace Rhapsody will happen during the "Festa Major de Terrassa", that will let participants to get to know local traditions, meet local collectives and associations, group of youngsters like "castellers", and "diables", etc. We will invite participants to have an active and participatory role in local community.


The participants will be accommodated in a local school situated in the city centre of Terrassa. They will sleep in different classrooms adapted for the youth Exchange (5-7 air mattress in each classroom). In the school there are showers and toilets.

Note: You will sleep on the floor, on mattresses :)) so do not expect high comfort level :D


Every participant is required to fill in the application Form of participants until 10 of June.

The closest airport is Barcelona-El Prat, you can also check other airports as Girona or Reus, which are well connected with Barcelona (1 hour bus).

Please try to arrive to the school before dinner (19:00). If you arrive earlier you can enjoy your time visiting Barcelona or Terrassa. Notice that lunch of the 5th July is not included.


The best option to come to Terrassa from Airport of Barcelona is a bus called express line e2.2, which goes directly from the airport to Terrassa Center, six times a day (85 minutes). The ticket costs 7€, you can buy it in the bus but you have to take some pocket money with you.


Please check if your destination is terminal T1 or T2.

-From Terminal 1 (T1) You have to move to T2 by free shuttle bus, where the train station is (don’t worry it goes regularly throughout the day and lasts for 5 minutes).

From Terminal 2 (T2)

You have to Take the R2N to Barcelona Sants (approx. 20 minutes). Once you are at Barcelona Sants, check for the train lines Rodaliès and take the line R4 to Terrassa (usually it comes on the platform either 7 or 8).

If you are coming as a group, it is better to buy T-10 ticket for 3 zones which costs 27,40 Euro and allows you to pass 10 persons 10 times to the trains from Barcelona to Terrassa and back.

You can also buy single ticket for 4 zone (4,20 Euro) in the machine in front of the platform.

Note: you do not have to buy another ticket for the train from Barcelona sants to Terrassa, you can use the same ticket, which you bought at the airport.

Be careful there are two stations in Terrassa, you have to get off the train in stop Terrassa and not Terrassa Est. (50 minutes) Here, someone will be waiting for you :).

You can book your flight a maximum of 2 days before OR after the project. Notice that accommodation and food for extra days will not be covered by the project.


Your travel expenses will be reimbursed 3 months after the end of the project. There are few rules to follow:

  • You must travel in the most cost-efficient way available for you.
  • You must provide details of your travel plans to us for verification and approval: info@vibria.org
  • You must supply all the original travel documents (receipts, invoices, tickets and boarding passes) for BOTH your journeys.
  • Digital copies of travel documents are also useful, so please send them by email to us. After going back home, you should send the original remaining boarding passes and any other documents from return journey by post to: La Víbria Intercultural; Av. Jacquard 1 08222 Terrassa, Spain

Bring comfortable clothes: during the youth exchange we will be actively involved in different activities whole day long, so it is better to dress in a way you feel flexible. Also remember that we have sunny and hot weather in that period here, in Spain, so remember to take sunblock, swimsuit and light clothing with you.

Note: do not forget to bring towels, shampoos and other personal hygiene products with you!

The intercultural nights: During the Youth Exchange we will have intercultural evenings. Those evenings are the chance to share and exchange cultures among other participants. So think about some funny and interesting activities for all the group. It can be anything: food, drinks, games, songs, legends, dances... JUST BE CREATIVE :)

A mug to exchange: Yes, yes, a mug to drink tea or coffee, you can buy it or take it from home and that you will exchange in a certain moment with someone else.

You better be careful, take your European Health Insurance Card with you or the travel insurance for non-EU member participants case.

And last but not least ----> Positive energy and good mood! :)))

La Vibria Intercultural

Ares: 0034 669 17 57 18 Laura: 0034 630 83 30 20



Follow us:

  • fb: Vibria Intercultural
  • Tt: @LaVibria
  • Ig: vibria.intercultural


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