Animal Adaptations By: garrett and trent

tIhis wolf has many adaptations

*with it's sharp teeth help it Tear meat and defend itself

*it's thick fur helps it survive the cold of the area

*It's large padded paws provide traction on the snow covered land

This elephant is using it's adaptations to drink
This bald eagle is resting

*it's ears help it cool down when it is hot

*it's massive size helps it scare predators away

*it's trunk helps it reach food water and also help it warn others of danger

Some of the adaptations you will see are key traits of the Eagles survival

*they have excellent eyesight to help them find food

*the long sharp claws help it catch prey

*the curved beak of the eagle helps it tear the meat of their prey

these three animals all have some of the same adaptations

*they all have gills to breath in the ocean

*they all have good defense mechanisms

Created By
Garrett And Trent Conger And Weaver
Created with images by Mark Dumont - "Lemur Group" • Caninest - "Wolf" • katja - "elephant water elephant elephant calf" • Pen Waggener - "Bald Eagle" • petersbar - "Hammer from Cocos Island, Costa Rica" • ahisgett - "Red Pirahna" • DarrellR - "IMG_0167.JPG"

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