Should All Kids Use A Device In School?

Do you think that all students should have their own devices in school? Using a device could be risky as there could be disasters from children who misuses them. But, it will be fun to use it. I think it will be an awesome idea for all kids to have their own device in school! In the paragraphs below, I will state my reasons why all students should have a device on school!

Kindy Kids Using educational apps

Devices can give an unlimited amount of resources and sources of information. Have you ever got unlimited resources and sources of information in school? Well, having unlimited resources is a blast! Seeing how many sources and resources of information would just help you on many assignments and research projects. Unlike using devices, books are harder to find your information as you have to first allocate your book, then finding your page then finding the text on the page. That's a lot of steps to find one piece of information! Now, using a device, you just have to type down what you want to find our or research, click on a website and read the text on the website. You can even go on multiple websites if you wish!

educational apps for young ones

Most Students are already familiar with using a device or technology. Are you familiar with using a device or technology? Around 95% of eight to eleven-year-old Australians use technology and familiar with them. It would be logical to allow them to use a device in school as they are more into using them and know how to use them. Well, now almost every student in the school has a device like a phone, MacBook, iPad. Most students spend their time looking onto a device either using it for productivity or gaming or texting. Students can also be taught on extension technology to enhance their technology knowledge in the future.

MacBook Pro

Students love technology, that can engage and motivate them on going to school which creates enthusiasm and excitement in learning. Does technology engages and motivates you into learning which makes you enthusiastic or excited? When students or kids receives a device, they would be so happy and excited about it. Using that device for school, students will be engaged and excited about looking forward to school! Most teachers would love that as they will pay attention in class more often and less unmotivated.

In conclusion, having a device is a phenomenal idea. Think of how the students would love to get their hands on a device for school. That's for everyday! Every day, using a device which students all love would make their life much easier and successful! Act now by distributing a form every year to every student attending your school to get a device for their child! Act now! Change the educational learning format and change schools! So act now, before it's too late!

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