Last Shot By: Blake Billingsley

Summary: Steven is in Junior High, and has been going to college basketball games ever since he can remember. His father would take him to the games, and he LOVED it. He never really got into the NBA because he says they don't play real basketball. His dream is to become a sports writer, so when the opportunity comes he jumps on it. He sent a letter to the USBWA (US Basketball Writers Association) for a contest they were holding. The winners got a free ride to the Final Four in Louisiana, and they would get media passes which meant they could go anywhere in the facilities and could interview anyone they wanted to. He wins and asks his father and mother if he can go, and eventually she agrees to let his father and him go. Once he gets there he finds out the other writer is a country girl named Susan Carol, and she loves Duke, who Steven doesn't like because of their coach. After a couple practice sessions him and Susan go to the CBS station or room in the building that the practice was in. When they are in the room, they see Chip Graber (The best college basketball player in the country) and a mysterious man talking about how Chip has to throw away the championship game. They don't know what to do with the information they just heard, nd for any momre you'll have to read the novel.

Published: June 27, 2006

Characters: In my book The Last Shot there is a main character named Stevie Thomas, and i have decided to do my other description on his father. Stevie loves to watch basketball, but not the NBA, which he can't stand, he loves to watch college basketball. He has been going to college basketball games ever since he was little. He is a sports fanatic, and taught himself to read at age 5 by reading sports magazines. He enters a writing competition to go to the Final Four and he wins, but a few things happen while he is there and that is what makes the story so good. His father is also into college basketball majorly. He is the person that has been taking Stevie to all the basketball games. He loves to hang out with his son and talk about basketball as well as baseball occasionally. He hears about Stevie winning the contest when he gets home from work one day, and says he is fine with the trip. Once they get mom's approval they head to the final four where the bulk of the story happens.

Quote: At this point in the novel Steven is in Louisiana for the Final Four. Him and Susan are trying to get an interview from a person from CBS and they overhear a mysterious man they have never seen before talking to the best college basketball player in America. Steven says to Susan (another major character in the book), "Well unless I'm crazy, we just heard the best player in the country being blackmailed to throw the championship game" (Feinstein 56). This quote is arguably the most important quote in the book, because it sets the whole story in motion. This quote shows the main conflict in the book.

Review:I liked that this book was centered around basketball, and i also liked the mystery aspect of it. I thought that it was written very well, and wasn't too predictable. I didn't like that it was a little bit of a cliche, and that the main conflict took 5 chapters to be revealed. I think that waiting 5 chapters is a little too long for a reader to not even know why the book is written. I would recommend this book to my classmates if they have similar tastes as I do. I like basketball and, as i said, this book is centered around that, so if you don't really like basketball then u would probably not find this book very interesting. Unless you enjoy mystery books, because although it is a book centered around basketball, it's a mystery as well that is very well-written.

Stevens favorite basketball team


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