Parties,Marriage,Death,Oh my! how the story unfolds

So, it all started one day when Juliet's mother asked her about her thoughts on marriage. Apparently, the Count Paris,was very interested in marrying Juliet. Now, Juliet is merely fourteen so her parents were a bit skeptical but she was on board immediately.There was to be a party that night to show off Juliet and her beauty because this would be one of the first times that the public would get to see her in person.All the top people in Verona would be there to admire Juliet. Let me show you guys how extravagant the party was...

Now, I don't know what she did all night,after all I wanted her to have fun without me looking over her shoulder the whole time. What I do know is that that's where she met Romeo. I don't know how or when or even why he was there but that's when all this began. It was a little awkward how i found out I must say, I went to get her and bring her to her mother and they were just there, well.. locking lips and all that.

Well, once she found out who he was it must have been a lot to handle especially for such a young girl. But this is the moment I knew that something had changed with her because once again this is what started it all.


Created with images by Ralphus P. - "Vintage Verona"

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