How might Natural Disasters affect Iceland?

This is Askja, a restless Volcano in Iceland. Its last eruption was in 1961, its not at a big risk of eruption. Askja's 1961 eruption was only a minor eruption and did not last that long (only a few days) and didn't have any notable effects. The 1875 Eruption however, was a major one as the Volcanic Ash was heavy enough to poison the land and kill livestock. It also created a new lake called "Öskjuvatn" which is the deepest lake in the country.

If there was a major eruption, it would likely have similar effects as the 1875 Eruption, Except without the formation of a new lake.

(Not an actual photo from the 2008 Iceland Earthquake)

The 2008 Iceland Earthquake was a doublet earthquake (The 2 main quakes magnitude was: 5.9M, 5.8M). There were no human deaths, just 30 reported injuries, and a number of sheep were killed. The epicenter of the earthquakes was in between the towns of Hveragerði and Selfoss.

If this were to happen again, I don't think it would be that catastrophic, as Earthquake Warning Systems are likely in place, giving people more time to prepare and evacuate if needed.

(Not an actual photo of flooding in Iceland)

Flooding is something that's happening recently in Iceland. According to the Iceland Met Office, stream and river levels remain high in South Iceland (13.10.2016).

This type of flooding is likely not that dangerous as there are already warnings in place in Iceland, and the levels will probably decrease soon. An example of this is Reykjavík, the capital city of Iceland. The river levels there are already decreasing.

Iceland is relatively safe (according to most sources I've seen, it is the 6th safest place in the world) from Natural Disasters.

The above is a video of Northern Iceland being hit by a Tsunami. According to the video it didn't look all that major. But if a bigger Tsunami were to hit Iceland the aftermath would be devastating (it is an Island in the ocean). A lot of money would likely be lost in the aftermath (repairs, etc), lives lost for the unprepared people.

The below are links I used to gather this information.


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