The Han Dynasy By:Princess,taylor,mason,eliana

The Han Dynasy was put together 206 B.C.

The founder of the Han Dynasty was Liu Bang know posthumously as Emperor Gao

The king of the Han Dynasty was not born into royalty but was born as a peasant.

It was natural for the people who ruled the Han Dynasty to call themselves "people of the Han".

The rules of Han Dynasty was interrupted when Wang Mang,who was serving as a regent,usurped the throne,declare end of Han Dynasty and created the Kin Dynasty.

The Han Dynasty was divide into 2 periods.The first period was before the Kin interruption in the capital was in the western Chinese city of Chang'an,(now Ki'an).The second period the capital moved eastern to Luoyang is know as eastern Han or Latter Han.

Emperor Wu was considered the greatest emperor of Han.The people thought this because Emperor Wu was the longest reining emperor of the Han Dynasty.His reign lasted 51 years.Within those years Wu led many successful military & brought Han Dynasty to its zenith.

The famous silk Roads that the Han traded on was established during the region of the Han Dynasty.It is 4,350 miles(7,000 kilograms) with 2,485 miles(4,000 kilograms) in China.It was active the 2nd century B.C. to the 1st century A.D.

The Han Dynasty formally ended when Cao Cao son and heir,Cao Pi,pressured Emperor Xian(last Han empire) into abdicating in his favour.

The Han Dynasty period I'd considered a golden age in Chinese history.

The Han Dynasty died in 220 A.D.

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