My Goals Jovi Nunez | P1 | English 2

For the start of the new year, my teacher had asked us to make goals that we will hope to accomplish in class, school and outside or after school as well for our personal growth.

Semester Goal

The first thing that she asked us was what our goals were for this new semester in 2017!! She didn't say it exactly like that though. Sticking to this this semester, my goal is to get As in both of my Honors classes. I plan on doing this by studying, paying attention in class, doing my work and turning it in on time. Last semester in Honors Algebra 1, I did not study for the math tests nor pay attention to what I was doing and didn't get good grades. In my Honors Integrated Science, I did not turn in my work on time and not pay attention but this semester will be different .

English Goal

The second goal that my teacher had asked of us was to create a goal for our amazing class. In our English class, I wish to maintain an A as a final grade for this class. I will complete this task by... making sure I turn in my work on time and continue to listen in the class. Last semester I would forget to do and turn in my work so I would get points deducted from my paper while lowering my grade in the process. HOWEVER, this semester I will try to be the responsible little freshman I am and turn that stuff in!

High School Goal

The third goal was about our little ole high school and what we want to accomplish here for the time we are here. For the rest of my time being in this high school I, Jyovone Anatriz Escobar Nunez, will work super hard to make sure I will get nothing but As and Bs in all classes for midterms, tests, quizzes, grades, etc. I will make sure this will happen by turning in all of my work on time, studying, paying attention, and staying organized.

After High School Goal

The fourth goal my teacher had asked us was about we were going to do after high school. Well I'm pretty sure everyone wants to do this but I definitely want to graduated. Now this may sound weird coming from a person that lives in Phoenix but I want to go to college at the University of Arizona. While in college of course I'd want my own car, place, and a good job. I will do this all by not getting in trouble or failing or getting a grade lower than a B. The main idea is hard work which I will intend on doing because I want to become a proud Wildcat!

Personal Growth

Part of my personal growth is to be a better example for my sisters and athlete. Well in my family we had a lot of athletes and I have not been in it much so I wanted to change that. My mom, grandma, grandpa, and aunts have been in basketball, volleyball, baseball, and softball as well as dance. I want to be like them and be involved like they were. For my sisters I want them to be good for my parents and get great grades and nothing more or less.


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