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Sunset Summer Maternity Session

Mayflower Beach Cape Cod

Sweet Baby Love

Hello Sweet Baby Love,

You are My Special Gift from Above.

Your story begins before we meet.

Inside my growing belly I feel you kick your tiny feet.

Are you a boy or a girl, only God knows.

My excitement for you shows as my skin glows.

I am impatiently nesting, as I wait for you my tiny blessing.

Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall, we will be together through it all.

Your arrival is near, you will soon be here.

My tiny gift from above, Sweet Baby Love.



New Presets are in the Shop for Photographers. You can now purchase my Lightroom Presets and the Golden Sky Overlay used in this session.

About a year ago I created my own Lightroom Presets. I had purchased some extremely popular presets from other amazing photographers whom I love but I just didn't feel like they were my style. I wanted something that wasn't overly dramatic and saturated but photos that look natural and bright and authentic. So after a ton of research, experimenting and tweaking, I came up with twelve Perfect Presets that I have been using ever since.

The great thing about these presets is that the variety allows you to use them on sessions you photographed at anytime of the day. While this happens to be a sunset session it is not always convenient for the client or the photographer to photograph so late at night. I have used these Presets for portraits and landscapes taken in the middle of the day even with a bright sun and a cloudless sky.

After implementing these Presents into my work my portrait bookings have significantly increased and my editing time has decreased. I barely use Photoshop anymore unless it is for some quick touch ups with the Bandaid tool or to use the new incredible Sky Replacement Editing Tool.

The Sweet Summer Presets are all adjustable. Simply Slide the settings to match your own personal style.

Both the Lr Presets and this Golden Sky Overlay are now in the Etsy Shop.

Created By
Karrie Knowles