The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt Madison Evens

Me in front of the theatre before the play started.

When I entered the Reitz, I was confused because I had never noticed the Constans Theatre. Once I realized it was literally on my left I thought it was so cool how accessible the theatre is to everyone. When we sat in the theatre my seat was all the way on the side. I was one seat away from the wall. I was not a huge of that seat because I feel like I was missing part of the stage. Even though I do not think I was actually missing part of the stage the thought was in my mind the whole time. When the lights dimmed in the theatre, I got really excited. I got excited because I used to cheerlead competitively and the lights would dim right before we would start and the mat would light up. It brings back good memories from my cheerleading days. Also, knew the play was about to start when the lights dimmed and the audience quieted. I wanted to see the play so I was also excited by the fact that it was supposed to begin. I liked the size of the auditorium because it was not too large so I did not feel like the actors got lost in the audience. It made the play feel more personal. The role of place in the good life is that if you are happy where you are in life, you are one step closer to achieving your own good life.

I attended this play with Alex from our class and my good friend Cooper. Although when we sat down we got separated from Alex. I am happy I attended this play with my friends because we all got to enjoy something together. To get ready for the performance, I got dressed up in a dress and cardigan, I did my hair and I put on some makeup because I always think you should look nice when you are going to see a performance. After I finished getting ready, I met up with Cooper and Alex and we went over what we had to do for this assignment. I feel like I would have felt very uncomfortable if I went to see this play alone because it seemed like everyone was with a group of their friends. The role of shared experiences in the good life to me is one of the most important parts. You always have someone who you share the memory with and when you are feeling down they can remind you of happier times by bringing up these memories. It shows who the great people in your life are. The ones you want to keep sharing memories with.

Sitting in my seat with my playbill before the show started.

The central issue addressed in this play was that family including the little brother was working so hard so the older brother was able to go to school to become a priest. This family did not have a lot of money, but they were blessed with each other. I know a lot of people have this same issue. Some families are just not as fortunate as others and they work as much as they can for every last penny. I know this issue is still prominent even today. The performance opened my eyes when it came to this issue. It made me realize how something needs to be done about this problem. I am lucky enough to be very fortunate and really do not have to worry about not having enough money for the basic necessities. But I have seen people who are not as fortunate and I am aware that something needs to be done.

Me after the play was over about to walk back to my dorm.

This performance provided me personally with catharsis because once we see a topic talked about in a play, we do not feel as uncomfortable talking about it as we maybe did before the play. Therefore, we are able to get all of our emotions about the play out when we can finally open up about this topic. I was able to talk to my friends who also saw this play about how unfair it is that some people have way more than they need while other people are barely putting food on their families plates. It let my friends and I get all of our thoughts out of our systems and we actually felt better after talking.

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