Motte and Bailey castles Jack maidment


William the conqueror many years ago constructed the motte and bailey castles. He brought about three ready made towers for the construction. He sent 7000 thousand troops to invade England to show them who's boss, and to protect Normandy. When they were there they built many more motte and bailey castles.


The motte and bailey castles were originally made of wood then they transformed into stone because it is a stronger material. The motte was an big mound of earth with the castle on top. The earth dug up from the moat was used for the motte. Crenelenations are little bumps on top of the castles to protect the knights when someone shoots. The bailey is a little village in front of the castle.


The defence of a motte and bailey castle is highly dangerous. The moat is usually full of water stopping enemies getting to the castle. The drawbridge goes up and down to stop people getting to the castle. The keep is a look out tower to see if any intruders are coming. The palisade is a big wall around the bailey protecting the castle. The murder hole is a hole on top of the gate house so if any enemies get in they can pour poison on to them.

Everyday life

In the motte and bailey times it was very busy they had many jobs such as master masons knights stewards the lords and the servants and they even had entertainment,games such as chess,tennis, and much more like parties,dancing,hunting rich Lords payed jesters to make them entertained.


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