St Nicholas’ Newsletter 1. 15/01/2021

It feels like a somewhat odd time to be introducing a new newsletter, but simultaneously, feels like the perfect time with everyone at home. This past week has been even stranger than what we now consider to be normal, but as they have shown time and again, the children have been brilliant. I’m very grateful to them, to parents and families at home and to our team of teachers for allowing us to maintain the standard of learning. Likewise, we’re very proud of the efforts of our community, and it’s wonderful to see the work being produced.

And so it’s a great time to fanfare some of this work with everyone at home. We’ll be producing these newsletters regularly to showcase the effort of the children, to keep you updated on upcoming events, and to share with you aspects of life at St Nicholas’. And it finally comes with the promise that I’ll keep my intro as short as possible.

With that in mind, enjoy the examples below. Stay safe and vigilant at this difficult time, and we’re looking forward to seeing everyone again very soon.

Mr Donaldson

The Core Values iSpy Box

The Core Values are the framework for our House Points. Each of the seven attributes has an accompanying animal we feel embodies that characteristic, and each week, children nominate peers whom have demonstrated a particular Core Value. We’ll use this space to share with you the best examples, but we’d love parents to nominate examples of the Core Values that you see at home too! Look out for samples of people being RESILIENT, like the Resilient Robin!

In Art, Year 5 have been investigating famous artists from around the world. They first looked into the the well known British street artist Banksy. The students had to create a fact file on the mysterious graffiti artist and identify what are some of his most famous pieces.

This week they then created a poster on the famous Dutch artist Vincent Van Gogh. Their poster had to show his influence on other artists around world and why he is an important part of history.

Year 1 & 2 explored building a house out of paper, with some super links to STEM and Adventure School. Listen to Karim explaining his construction...

Madison did a great job - every house should have a glittery front door!!!!

Reception have been working on their Inquiry Project on Superheroes - what a topic!!!! They created some (gentle!) explosions with Coke and mentos, meaning they got to be scientists AND superheroes all in one week! Watch how Dua’s experiment went here...

Year 3 and 4 have spent some time looking at the conventions of writing a diary, and were using a ‘Wish upon a Star’ prompt. There were some great examples; super vocabulary, exciting images and really good structure too. Nicely done guys - here are two examples from Leila and Heer, but it was great to see everyone show a really strong understanding of this style of writing....

Year 6 have started to look at abstract art in their Art and DT lessons this term. Firstly, we looked at how styles developed and influenced each other through history until we got Wassily Kandinsky, arguably the first abstract painter. The children have looked at some of his paintings and done some research about Kandinsky, making fact files about him. This is Reem’s excellent fact file.

We also talked about how we could create abstract art at home during lockdown and the children were set an Adventure School challenge to create a piece of abstract art using their iPad and any objects or furniture at home. This is Nida’s fantastic artwork using her alarm clock.


Undeterred by lockdown, we’re looking forward to a handful of events as a whole community in the coming weeks;

Friday 22nd January: Spring Term Governor’s Day, where our Chair of the Advisory Board, Mr David Tidmarsh will be joining our online lessons.

Tuesday 9th February: History Day. We’re looking forward to dedicating a day of school to focus on a period of London history, which will then merge together to form a timeline of our home city.

Thursday 11th February: Well-being Afternoon. We’ll take some time to explore different activities and develop new strategies that allow children to relax and switch off from their work.

From Mrs Almeida....


Thank you to all the parents who have registered their SIMS Pay accounts which allows for all clubs and trip permissions and payments to be collated at one central point. Every parent will have received an activation code from SIMS Pay which will allow the account to go live.

We plan on using increasingly using SIMS Pay in the coming months, to improve our operations and to become increasingly cash-less, and without the account you will not be able to register your child for any afterschool clubs or activities. It is therefore imperative that each child has an active account, and so if you have not already done so, please check for a SIMS Pay email and follow the instructions to activate your child's account as soon as possible. If you have any issues at all please contact Mrs Almeida who will assist.

Online Attendance

Should your child not able to participate in our online provision please email admin@stnicholasschool.org.uk as soon as possible stating the reason for absence so that we can record it accurately.

Don’t forget that as well as this newsletter, we’re often posting other examples of the children’s work on our social media pages, so follow us on Twitter and Instagram for more.