Good Life Tour of the Harn Danielle Barker

My visit to the Harn was cultural, and actually very interesting. I didn't expect to see so many exhibits that revolved around different cultures, whether is was Asia or the Caribbean, there was a huge global presence. Going to art museums if often a very thought-provoking experience because you have to figure out what the artist meant in their work while also developing your own feelings about it. Overall, it was a great experience.

The Asian Art Wing

Medium of the Art/Technique of the Artist: Seeing this piece in person made me realize how vibrant and upbeat it really is. The colors pop, and you notice this painting from across the room because of that. Even though it is just an oil painting, the artist did an amazing job at making it stand out with her use of light and dark colors. The artwork made me feel a sense of happiness and positivity because even though cities are usually seen as busy and chaotic, the artist made it seem like a happy place for those there.

"Tokyo Street with Pachinko Parlor II" by Yvonne Jacquette, oil on canvas

Design of the Museum: I really enjoyed the SFI Exhibit because it was a very open room and it didn't feel cluttered. Every piece of art had its own space which made it easier to appreciate the works of art. The ceilings were very open which allowed more natural light to come in as opposed to bright yellow lights of the museum. It was the first exhibit I saw, and it stuck with me as I toured the rest of the museum. I often compared the other exhibits to it, so I could tell immediately that it was my favorite.

The SFI Exhibition Hall

Art and Core Values: This piece spoke to me the most because its message is instantly clear. Every piece in this exhibit focused on women and the view that society has towards them. In this piece, all the remarks given to the girls' on the report card are negative or stereotypical. This directly relates to me because as a female, I have to prove myself to society that I am capable. This piece places a high value on, for lack of a better term, "girl power" and showing society that we are more than what they think we are or should be.

"Guerrilla Girls' 1986 Report Card", print

Art and the Good Life: The picture below depicts a group of people relaxing in a field on a nice sunny day. I chose this piece for the simple reason that everyone in it looks at peace with themselves and the world around them. Their life may be simple, but to them it is the Good Life. This adds to my understanding of what the Good Life is by showing me that you do not need fancy, materialistic things to be happy, sometimes the people around you and where you are are the only things you need.

"Sheep Wranglers" by Justine Kurland, satin finish UV laminated C-print

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