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Logo Augmentation

It gives your company an identity

The famous designer Paul Rand wrote, “a logo doesn’t sell (directly), it identifies.”

Let’s reiterate — the number one purpose a logo serves is to give your business (or organization, group, team, etc.) an identity.

Think about how most people will interact with your company for the first time. Whether it’s through your website, a social media channel, a business card, or a booth at a conference, you want to make a positive first impression — and it’s hard to do this with words alone.

Social Media Kit

40+ perfectly sized versions of your logo for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Etsy, and more.

Download 40+ versions of your logo for social media

Get files to use for your favicon, email signature, and more

Branded Content

We’ll send you all of the files a designer would, including high-res PNGs and vector logo files to use online and in print.


A brand is the overall essence of a company. It’s what makes your business unique, and stand out (or blend in) from your competitors.

You can try your best to communicate exactly what you think your brand is, but in actuality, your brand is what your audience and customers say it is!

*Brand package delivered bi-weekly

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