Ancient Machines, Modern Applications Where do we get the ideas to make the machines we do?

How would you feel being the inventor of a machine during times before Christ.. The simple machines humans invented long ago has impacted modern day in so many ways. There are machines similar to the pulley that was used to build ancient architecture that we still use today to build more modern architecture.
Ancient machines are being discovered everyday by just regular people. Many of the machines people find are similar to what we use today and without those machines we wouldn't be where we are today. We use technology and machines everyday for very simple things hints the name “Simple Machines”.
Archaeologists have been digging for many years and every day they are finding more information. The stuff that they find is very similar to machines and tools we use today such as the ramp, pulley, and even the ax. These machines have been throughout history and they are still being used in today's modern time. The ax was used for more than just a tool but also a weapon.
Throughout humanity we have used tools and machines to make our work we do more convenient and in a lot of cases better. There are many people who believe the ramp was the first simple machine invented, which really is a simple machine considering all it is, is an object that is in a sloped form to slide stuff up and down to move it.
Egyptians created blueprints which in fact is a invention itself. They made blueprints as ideas to add to their inventions. If the invention was destroyed they would always know how to rebuild or repair them.The fascinating inventions of the past have followed us here. They will keep being built and and keep being modernized.


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