covenants in the old testement by LAILA SUNDSTROM


Reporter: Laila Sundstrom

Last week I was lucky enough to visit Mt Sinai and I interviewed an Israelite waiting at the bottom of the mountain.

What was it like when you reached Mt Sinai?

We were soo exhausted I had many painful blisters on my feet and my legs felt like jelly, yet the other Israelites and I finally felt a bit of hope, we could see the light at the end of the tunnel.

What happened after Moses first talked to God?

Moses came down from the mountain and told us what God had said about how if we obey him and keep his covenant we would be his favourite, we all said “we will do everything the Lord has said” so Moses went back to God to tell him.

What was it like waiting?

First we washed our clothes then Moses told us that he had put limits around the mountain and if we were to even touch the foot of the mountain we would be stoned or shot with arrows until we died. Yikes! even animals would be killed. Were all very nervous for the third day of waiting because then we would finally get to see God.

How did you feel when God came down from the mountain?

We heard the trumpet blast so loud we all trembled, I was soooo nervous. The mountain was covered in smoke so we couldn’t see God. Moses spoke and God answered in thunder. Next God went up with Moses to the mountain and Moses came down to warn us that if we were to force our way up the mountain we would most likely die! So, I waited patiently. then Moses came back and got his brother Aaron and then they when back up Mt Sinai.

Moses' Life story


Born: 1392 BCE in Egypt

Died: 1272 BCE in Moab at the age of 120.

Religion: Judaism

Nationality: Israelite

Family: his wife was Zipporah and there sons were Gershom and Eliezer. His father was Amram and his mother was Jochebed. He also had a sister called Mariam and a brother called Aaron.

Moses mother put Moses in a basket beside the Nile river then Moses was put in an ark and sent down the Nile until he reached the place where the Pharaohs daughter was bathing. The Pharaoh's daughter took him as her own and adopted Moses.

One day when Moses was 40 he saw a Egyptian kill a Hebrew and he got very angry so then killed the Egyptian. Next he fled to Midian because the pharaoh was likely to put him to death for killing.

In Midian, he saved seven of Jethro daughters from some rude shepherds so Jethro adopted him as a son and got his daughter Zipporah married to Moses.

Next Moses tends sheep for Jethro for 40 years and he also has his first child, Gershom.

One day while he was leading sheep he saw a burning bush so Moses walked closer and heard a voice coming from the bush, the voice was God.

Next God tells Moses to free the Israelites but the pharaoh doesn’t agree so Moses and Aaron send the ten plagues to Egypt.

After that Moses leads the Israelites into the wildness but they have problems and they start to blame Moses for all the bad stuff happening.

Moses leads the Israelites to Mt Sinai and then goes to the top of the mountain and receives the ten commandments from God

After receiving the ten commandments the Israelites traveled and Moses orders them to kill Balaam and the 5 kings of Midian. After that Moses appoints Joshua as the next leader of the Israelites. Soon after this Moses dies at the age of 120.


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