Whirligig themes

Peace is a very hard thing to find.

The first theme that I have pulled out from the book, Whirligig, is "Peace is a very hard thing to find." This theme connects to me beacause when I am trying to focus my brothers distract me and it gets to a point where it is difficult to find peace. If I could find a place where peace is present, it would mostly just effect me and not the people around me. For example, I could get things done faster and more efficiently. It would give me more time for the things I want to do and not things I need to do. This theme really spoke to me and that is why I decided to choose it.

Rest gives strength to activity

I think the theme, "Rest gives strength to activity" is common sense to some people. If you don't get sleep one night , you are not going to be as willing to run around then you would if you had seven hours of sleep. If you get a few z's in you are going to comprehend things faster and easier. Getting rest is a positive affect towards you because people may not believe this but everybody needs sleep to function. It also affects the people around you because when you are rested you treat others better. Overall I think that this theme is very purposeful.

Thoughts are powerful

"Thoughts are powerful" is a very meaningful theme to me. I feel that thoughts are only powerful if you put it into action. For example, if you were thinking about a goal you wanted to succeed, you can only succeed that goal if you put it into action. If you do put it into action then the outcome would reflect on you not other people because it was your goal not theirs. In the end, I feel that your thoughts only matter if you think they matter.

the confidence and beauty you project is more potent than any scent

This theme is a perfect representation for every girl these days. It means that the confidence and beauty you have is more powerful than anything you do to it. Your personality or your looks is an example for this theme. If you try to change your personality for someone, you will never be your original self because inside you know your not like that. Your looks can be changed very easily by makeup or even surgery because nobody is confident with their self nowadays. Their not confident because a lot of famous people are looking better as they turn older and older so it makes people more depressed. Even if you get expensive accessories it will never be as powerful as your actual looks. Those are my thoughts about this influential theme.

There are consequences for our acts, my boy.

"There are consequences for our acts, my boy", is a very true theme. To me it means that if you do something pleasing then you would get awarded, but if you do something unacceptable then you would be punished. When you get a negative or positive response to your action it wouldn't effect others, it would only affect you. In the end, there will always be an outcome to everything you do in your life.


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