Top 10 Portfolio Roberto Bettaglio

Number 10: Building Straws Activity

In the building straws activity, I learned a lot about teamwork and collaboration to achieve a common goal. It was especially interesting for me because I was not able to talk. Another one of my group members weren't able to see. This certainly made the task more difficult, however, it allowed different forms of communication to be used. The person in my group who couldn't see helped by talking and telling people what to do. Since I couldn't talk, I put most of my efforts into listening and executing the tasks. All in all, this was certainly one of my favorite experiences in the class.

Number 9: Creative Person's Resume

In this class we were required to create a resume based off of a creative person. The creative person I chose was Walt Disney, as he has one of the most creative and successful minds in the history of the planet. I truly enjoyed this assignment as it allowed me to look into a successful person's life and story and related it to my life. Putting down Walt Disney's strengths on a resume required a good amount of research, and after learning more about his life, it inspired me as far as creativity goes.

Number 8: IDEO's Shopping Cart video

When watching the video for IDEO's shopping cart, it allowed me to get a much better idea of how the creative process works. In an activity in class after the second time watching the video, we discovered that the employees at IDEO used all 12 parts of the creative process. It was interesting to see them utilize observing, imaging, modeling, dimensional thinking, and abstracting to help get closer to their final goal of creating the perfect shopping cart. after seeing this video the first time, it gave me and my group a better understanding as to how to go about utilizing the creative process for creating a Childhood Learning tool.

Number 7: Recognizing and Forming Patterns Photography

This assignment was enjoyable as it forced me to look for something that was living to represent a non living object found in class. In addition, it forced me to utilize the part of the creative process "recognizing and forming patters". I was forced to think creatively to find a natural organism to relate to the nonliving object I had previously used in class. This required me to recognize shapes and patterns and synthesize them by putting them together because of their common shape or pattern.

Number 6: Abstracting in Class

For this assignment, I chose to make a drawing of a tiger in class, and abstracted it with two more drawings of a tiger afterwards. This assignment was interesting because it allowed me to experience the abstracting step first hand. After showing classmates my final abstracted drawing, they struggled to figure out what it was but after a couple of guesses they figured out that it was a tiger.

Number 5: Observing Chairs in Class

Number 5 on my top 10 portfolio is the day that we observed the chairs we use in class for anything we can find. Most people would probably find this activity boring, however, I thought it was interesting due to the fact that we were using the observing skill in the creative process on something as simple as a chair. To my surprise, I was able to create a very long list of observations I made from the chairs we use in class. To say the very least, I did not expect that. I was pleasantly surprised.

Number 4: Where I am from poem

In one of the first days of class, we were required to write a free written poem with the words "I am from" at the beginning of every line. I thoroughly enjoyed this activity as it allowed me to share the place where I was born, El Salvador. It is always interesting telling people where I am from because it is pretty unique here in Florida, and I enjoy explaining the transition of going from a third world country to the US at such an early age.

Number 3: 30-Day Challenge Days 1-10

The first 10 days of the 30 day challenge were a a test run for me, as I was not sure what I was going to want to do for the rest of the challenge. I discovered that the decision for me was to do writing challenges, as I am not the best writer and I figured it would be a great way to actually challenge myself. In addition, I was able to show my interest in sports in this challenge, which was very fun.

Number 2: Childhood Learning Tool

The 3D prototyping children's learning tool was certainly one of my favorite parts of the semester. Our class had literally just started learning about the creative process after watching IDEO's shopping cart video, and then had to apply it as a group together in real life to make a children's learning tool. My group decided to create a board game about careers (pilot, doctor, fireman, and police officer) for our children's learning tool. What was interesting about our prototype was that it only required laser cutting technology, and did not need any 3D prototyping. our board game was simple and sleek, and got the job done. It was accompanied with wooden playing cards, which were also made by the laser cutting technology. In the process of performing this project, I learned a lot about trial and error as well as teamwork, which gave me a massive respect for innovators around the world. All in all, this project benefited me by forcing me to think in a way that was out of my comfort zone and taught me a lot about creativity.

Number one: 30-Day Challenge days 21-30

For the last 10 days of the 30-day challenge, I decided to create poems about four random words. The reason I put this at the top of me list of the top 10 portfolio is because I had by far the most fun doing it compared to any other assignment for this class. I collaborated with a group of friends who each gave me four words for 10 different poems. I was very surprised, because I realized that I was a lot better at poems than I had expected. Also, in the end, I was able to share my poems to everybody which made for excellent comedic relief to end my 30-day challenge.


This class was certainly beneficial in my eyes. I learned more about what it takes to be a creative forward thinking person by learning about other creative people's success stories and by participating in in class activities. I am very glad there is a course like this offered in UF, as it takes me out of my comfort zone and forces me to think more creatively.


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