Daniel Tal Senior Associate | 3D Designer | ASLA | Professional Landscape Architect (CO)

"Collaborative knowledge is the key to building a better future."

Daniel Tal is the most humble expert you’ll meet. As an author of two books who just spent an afternoon teaching 3D modeling to astrophysicists, he prefers to think of himself as open source. He believes ideas get better by sharing them, planting seeds of innovation as he goes to see which ones bloom.

Originally from New York City, Daniel loves small towns and mountains, which is how he found himself backpacking his way through the Rocky Mountain west and eventually moving here. A steward of the land by trade, he uses technology to facilitate improvements to the built environment.

3D Renderings by Daniel Tal and Justin Clark, 3D Modeling Specialist and Colleague

The future is here. The relationship between technology and landscape architecture is something that will impact every one of us. The better we harness its power, the more we can show possibility.

"To me, technology is a passion for improvement."

When asked about his favorite type of project to work on, Daniel described flying a drone at Garden of the Gods (above), at Pikes Peak, and for the National Park Service as "the unexpected, unanticipated fulfillment of a dream."

"When it comes to having the opportunity and being humbled enough to fly in a sacred space like that- I don’t know anything else that beats it."- Daniel Tal, on flying drones in some of America's most treasured landscapes

Drone image with integrated 3D model from the top of Pikes Peak, Colorado Springs

Daniel is working with several cities to develop live models that demonstrate the possibilities of development. The City of Durango is using the models to develop character districts for development planning. He is also excited to partner with the City of Fort Collins, Colorado State University and a local virtual reality firm to bring potential sites to life.

"Nobody else is doing this. We are helping our clients push the boundaries of technology to facilitate good planning and design. Stalled efforts become unstuck. Possibilities become reality."

Daniel lives in Denver with his wife and two kids, a city he describes as gargantuan. He loves small towns, hiking and playing outdoors with his children. As a consulting editor for Landscape Architecture Magazine on technology, Daniel researches and toys with developing new software related to 3D modeling.

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