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Dinosaurs can weight up to 150 tons. Did you know that dinosaurs have groups like Ceratopsians (Se-ra-top-sian-s) or Theropods. Ceratopsians are a group of horn face dinosaurs and Theropods are a group of carnivore dinosaurs. Dinosaurs are the largest creatures on Earth history. Read on to find out more about when dinosaurs were alive, the dinosaur extinction, it’s size and it’s diet.

when dinosaurs are alive

The first dinosaurs are alive in The Triassic Period which is 228,000,000 years ago because Triassic Period is the first period in Mesozoic Era and that era is the era when dinosaurs were alive. The dinosaurs alive on there is Coelophysis, Rutiodon, Saltopus, Eoraptor, Plateosaurus, Antetonitrus, Blikanasaurus, Eucnemesaurus, Euskelosaurus, Melanorosaurus, Vulcanodon & Megalosaurus. The Jurassic Period which is 200,000,000 years ago is the period where most dinosaurs were alive. There are about 30 dinosaurs alive in The Jurassic Period. For example, Eocursor, Tazoudasaurus, Stormbergia, Massospondylus, Abrictosaurus, Heterodontosaurus, Lycorhinus, Lanasaurus, Lesothosaurus & Megalosaurus. The period with the most carnivores are The Cretaceous Period which is 145,000,000 years ago and has the most and the biggest carnivores, for example, Tyrannosaurus Rex (T-Rex), Spinosaurus, & Velociraptor. These are the 3 periods when dinosaurs are alive.

the dinosaur extinction

Dinosaurs are extinct about 65,000,000 years ago because of the disasters explosions and hunger, those are climate changings, volcano erupts, earthquake, winter, no foods, floods & the most popular disaster that people think that how dinosaurs are extinct from, asteroids. Dinosaurs are extinct by these ways of disasters, hunger, and explosions.

sizes of dinosaurs

Dinosaurs are the largest creatures on earth because they’re taller, heavier and longer than all of the animals. The smallest of the small dinosaurs is Archaeopteryx, it is no longer larger than your hand, that is smaller than Microraptor! The #2 smallest dinosaur is Microraptor, it is 2 feet long. The #3 smallest dinosaur is Compsognathus, it is 1 yard long, these 3 dinosaurs are no longer larger than a modern chicken. Ceratosaurus is 7m long but smaller than Carnotaurus but still, it’s a large meat eater, but the Allosaurus was bigger, it is 10-12m long, that is long as a firetruck! But the biggest carnivore on land is Spinosaurus, it is 16-18m long, that is bigger than T-Rex or Giganotosaurus! But the largest carnivores are underwater, the largest Mosasaurus is about 16-18 feet long, that is large as Spinosaurus! But they’re are larger carnivores than that, the largest Liopuerodon is 25m long, it is 5m smaller than a blue whale. But the largest dinosaurs were plant eaters. First, scientists think it’s Diplodocus which is 32m long. Then, they think it’s now Seismosaurus, which is 39-52m long. After that, they figured out that the largest dinosaur on land is Amphicoelias Fragillimus which it’s 60m long. These 3 largest dinosaur that are longer than a blue whale.

dinosaur diet

In the age of reptiles, dinosaur also have diet to eat, just like us, they had plants, fruits & meats to eat and waters to drink, most of the dinosaurs are herbivores so they ate plants such as for example, Thyreophorans or Ceratopsians, these are plant eaters. Some of the dinosaurs are carnivores so they ate meat such as Theropods or Ornithomimosaurs. The least amount of dinosaurs are omnivores so they ate both plants and meats such as Ornithomimosaurs, Saturnalia is an omnivore too! Dinosaurs ate things like us.


In conclusion, dinosaurs are both meat eaters and plant eaters, some eat both plants and meats, and there’s some that are smaller than a modern chicken or taller than a giraffe. Some also look like dragons too such as Mosasaurus and some also look like birds and other animals. Dinosaurs are reptiles too!


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