The Tour of the Harn By: Meet PAtel

Design of the Museum- The museum was organized in very descriptive way because through the entrance, you could see the vibrant and abstract paintings that allude to your eye and hook your attention. Soon as you start moving through different sections of the Museum, now all suddenly there is more emphasis placed on the culture in relation to the art pieces that were displayed in the front. I just think that's really an unique way to spread diversity among people while keeping their interest.

Art and Core Values- The Harn Musem I believe did an amazing job at displaying my core values through many paintings. It really made me reflect on my value of religion because there was so much emphasis being placed on some religion through art such as Buddhism. It made me realize that I was diverging away from my religion soon after I came at college and it was good recall to how much it means for some people to be at ease with their religion.

Idyllic Landscape

Art and The Good Life- This piece above is called an "Idyllic Landscape" which a gift from Carol and Stephen Shey. As soon as I looked at this canvas, I immediately thought about Thoreau and the Good life. As seen the lady above, I just laying on the ground watching the man on the horse, while a dog is playing nearby, river is flowing and it gives the characteristics of living a simple life which allows you to enjoy the peace. The usage of bold colors was also magnificent because they grabbed my attention allowing me to reflect on those certain things as in relation to my life and how to achieve a life of simplicity.

Medium of Art- This painting is called " Tokyo Street with Pachinko Parlor II" by Jacquette Yvonne lends perspective into chaotic urban life from a top angel. It is an abstract painting which describes feelings of chaotic environment in the city life as well as its pleasure. The painting itself looks simple but if someone stands there to evaluate it, it made me feel more awake because it was pointing out how developed our city has become that you need an ariel view to actually catch the beauty of it. Nevertheless from the perspective it was created, it even looks more beautiful so if I feel like he is trying to communicate the message of looking at the world from different angle to see the beauty it posses.

Tokyo Street with Pachinko Parlor II

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