PicCollage- Rome Geography By: Timmy Janssen

The Etruscans wanted to take over Rome becasue of there great resources and physical features around Rome. One of big feature is the Tiber river. This river goes right through the middle of Rome which gave them a clean source of water and easy trade route to the Tyrrhenian Sea. The Government was able to trade with different nations around the world with the access with the river and the Tyrrhenian Sea.

Rome was built on seven steep hills which was on purpose becasue it was easy to defend against. This was key to defense becasue if the Etruscans tried to attack Rome, Rome would have higher ground which would end up being an advantage. These hills could also be used for natural recourse like coal and oil.

Another physical feature which helped Rome was the 5 sea's which were around Rome. There was the Tyrrhenian Sea, Mediterranean Sea, Ionian Sea, and the Adriatic Sea. These sea's were key becasue the could be used for defense and trading. The Government used the sea's to trade with other country's for resources they could not produce. The sea's were used as defense becasue intruders would have to travel long ways just to get to Rome.

The alps (mountain range) helped Rome get natural resources and used the mountains for defense. Rome got resources like coal, iron, and oil from the Alps. Also the Alps were used for defense becasue then other parts of Europe could not get to Rome without passing the huge mountain range


Created with images by Jirka Matousek - "Rome, Italy" • Nicola since 1972 - "Vatican City from Rome - ND0_6607" • Nicolas 11mo - "American hills" • global.quiz - "Rome satellite view" • Simon - "ponten allgäu winter"

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