Small Place, Big Story by anna noel

On display for customers is an array of cookies, chocolates, cakes and pastries. The employees at Blu Boy invest a lot of time into preparing the confections in the cafe. "I usually get here two hours early. The chocolatiers get here even earlier than that," said Calvin Badger, a barista at the cafe.
In Blu Boy Chocolate Cafe and Cakery, chocolate bars are on display for customers. All chocolates, cakes and ice cream are made on site by chocolatiers and employees. "The hand-made, hand-painted chocolates are the hardest to prepare...those take three days to make," said Dani, a chocolatier at Blu Boy.
Local artists have pieces of Blu Boy inspired art on show in the cafe.
The ornate brass ceilings in the cafe are eye-catching as you enter. This feature, as well as the textures walls, are still remaining from when this room was the ticket booth for the theater next door in the 1920s.
Bottled beverages sit on the counter of the store. These items are one of the only products that are not made in the cafe.
As quiet music plays in the background, the afternoon light floods into Blu Boy Cafe and Cakery. The owner of the cafe grew up in Germany, which inspired this cozy design and decor. Blu Boy is open from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.

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