A Divine Time By: Hugo Rodriguez

Me, posing, as I capture the moment.


Above, is a picture of myself entering Constans theatre right before I am going to enter the play. From this, we can see that their are definitely plenty other people around. At first this made me a tad anxious as can any social setting with a crowd of people you do not know. However, as we entered the auditorium, the change of scenery distracted me from that reality. Party because I was in awe of the great seat I got. Thus, my experience was even more so improved because i could clearly listen to the actors as they told their story. An important insight for me is how important the setting is to mindset. Enjoying a play requires a comfortable mental state. Just as it takes a positive attitude to appreciate life itself.


Me to the left, and my friend to the right.

Looking back on the experience, going to the play with my friends as I did was a double edged sword. On the bright side, their presence allowed transition into a state of tranquility that allowed me to enjoy the play. Even so, I going to be honest in admitting they they were also a distraction. Instead of paying complete attention. some side conversations were inevitable, and some of the essence of the play was lost. As for the how this relates to the Good Life, I would argue that shared experiences have their place and are completely necessary. At the same time, somethings can only be properly experienced by yourself, and you have to be ready to handle it.


The catholic church has long had a history of close-mindedness, no one can deny that. Nevertheless, the organization in general was not important to the message I received. The idea that stuck to me was that we as a society must be alert and attentive at any injustices that occur within ourselves. We must be ready to defend those that would otherwise be helpless as a moral right. Lack of tolerance was a central issue in the play as Sarah was forbidden to preform since the uber-conservative church did not allow it. Before attending, I knew that the play was about a play but not much more than that. I beleive this subject matter has a role in everyones life. With division at such high rates, we must remember to respect everyones views and desires.

No PLay For SArah


This play was one the many people can relate to. Almost every single person has had a time in their lives where they felt they did not matter. Where they felt that their fellow peers did not care what they think. Where they felt their parents misunderstood them. That's why this play was so cathartic to me. The plot was able to draw out my emotions. The ability to relate to it made me more empathetic.


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