Thanks, Obama for 8 years and counting

8 Years Ago...

Americans were inspired to change their country, thanks to the powerful words from a great man. I'll try to keep it short, but here are some of the things I can't thank Obama enough times for.

1. Inspiring a generation

My parents didn't tell me how to say yes; Obama did. And he did it with style and grace and for all the right reasons. Aside from being a great slogan, "Yes We Can" became a symbol of taking our future into our own hands. There was no "I hope we can" or "I think we can"-- "Yes we can" meant we can, we will, we did, and we'll continue to do.

2. Introducing america to Michelle

She's beauty, she's grace, she's got a smile on her face.

Michelle inspired me to become a woman like her. She faced the world with nothing but elegance and strength; she stepped into an extremely tough role and left behind shoes that will be near impossible for anyone else to fill. America's black First Lady changed the game, and I will never forget what she's done and the legacy she's built.

3. relating to america

Obama knew how to give a speech that could move mountains, but he also knew how to laugh at his own jokes, and that's a delicate balance to maintain. But he made it look easy. Thanks for remembering to smile and run around with Bo every now and then.

4. A clean career and legacy

8 years without a single personal scandal is almost unbelievable, but Obama did it. He was a picture of presidential presence. Smiling at all the right times, stoic as a statue and never once losing his cool (at least, not without his anger translator) made for a wonderful two-terms in the spotlight. Keep it classy, Obama.

5. everything

Pictured: My President.

The ACA brought America one step closer to the healthcare reform we are definitely in need of; the preservation and conservation of the resources on the only planet we have; the end of a deadly war; the death of a dangerous terrorist leader; a SCOTUS ruling that brought America closer to equality for all--thank you for all of it. For everything. Thank you for being America's first black president and succeeding despite the odds. From your friendship with Joe Biden to your clear love for Michelle to your honest devotion to the betterment of America, you were a picture perfect president, and I'm so grateful I got to grow up with you as the face of my country.

I mean it with all of my heart when I say thanks, Obama.


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