CNPS Bulletin 2021 | issue #6 | July

CNPS SCHOOL VISION: To build a community of curious, creative and engaged learners who are empowered to meet the challenges of our rapidly changing world. Collectively we will work with our students to become responsible global citizens who have the skills, knowledge and personal attributes they need for their future.

Principal’s Column

Wominjeka everyone. It's been one big term! We have finished or first semester for 2021, accomplishing many great feats! I am very proud of all our staff and students for riding through a challenging semester. With 2 lockdowns and a school review, everyone has championed through. I'd like to thank everyone for their support through it all.

Through challenging times, people often ask... how do you do it? Well, I guess for most of us here at CNPS, it is simple... it's the kids and the staff around us that make it such a great place to work and keep on going. Through our review, a comment that was frequently made was 'it's the vibe' of the place. This is so very true. The vibe at CNPS is one that is not found in many places. It sure does feel good to be here.

This term the vibe has kept us all going marvelling in all the great things that primary schools offer. One to mention that brings a smile to my face (with some memory flashbacks) are school fads and crazes. I'm sure that most of you at your dining tables have heard about the comeback of Pokemon cards! Our students have been experiencing many life lessons this term, that is for sure.

The Pokemon Hangout!

This made me think about all the Fads that I have seen over time as well as those that I also experienced as a child myself. Not to show my age.... but do you remember when the Coke yoyo's came out? Yoyo's became a thing with everyone trying to do all those tricks. What about the rubber pop ups, or those hyper colour shirts! Do you remember putting those plastic chip packets in the oven to shrink them so you could put them on a keyring on your school bag? Well, if those things brought a smile to your face remembering them (or just to those around my age), you can imagine the smiles (sometimes disappointment) when new fads/crazes come out at school. I'm still upset that I never ended up getting a swatch off my parents!

Fads and crazes of the 90s - bring them back! (maybe not the pop ups)

Speaking of toys, it was so great to see all the toys being donated for the Year 5 'Rethink Day'. This was a great success with students getting involved in recycling toys and clothes. This was not the only amazing challenge that took place this term. Across the school, our students rose to the challenge to make a difference for our environment. Below are some of the actions student's led this term:

  • Foundation - Creating birdhouses, baths and feeders to encourage bird life to come to the school.
  • Year One - Creating worm farms at the school to reduce food waste going to landfill.
  • Year 2 - Educational information to spread the word on helping our environment (info graphs, stop motion pro, puppet shows, videos, chalk signs).
  • Year 3 - Supporting charity websites for bushfires, animal box shelters.
  • Year 4 - Drain art encouraging not to litter, websites, animations, booklets, music videos, board games.
  • Year 5 - Rethink day, educational workshops for students, toy and fashion drive.
  • Year 6 - Improving the school's environment: planting across the school, designing chicken coop for Coburg Crop.

It has been a great term. Thank you again to everyone. We all look forward to seeing you all back in two weeks time. We will have another great Semester ahead filled with lots of great learning and events. Scroll down to the end of this newsletter to see what's ahead for next term. Also remember to check your Compass calendar for events.

Take care,


Wellbeing Report


An element of the School Wide Positive Behaviours is the recognition and acknowledgement of demonstrated values and/or expected behaviours. The positive feedback system takes a tiered approach in respect to the frequency of acknowledgment and the type of recognition.

This term we have been refining our acknowledgment and recognition system. Margaret Corzo coordinated an art competition for images that represent our values, to be used on postcards. Students were invited to draw an action which they saw as demonstrating one of our school values; Respect, Responsibility and Resilience. We have also printed some stickers with our value icons, which we will trial during term 3.

Value Card Artist Winners

Currently our system comprises of:

  • STICKERS: High frequency, at time of observation of value and/ or expected behaviour demonstration
  • POSTCARD: Intermediate frequency. Acknowledgement of short term sustained demonstration of expected behaviours
  • CERTIFICATES: Acknowledgement of long term sustained demonstration of expected behaviours

Staff are currently finalising the details on the presentation of the postcards and certificates.


This year, we have been very fortunate to secure funding from MerriHealth; Student Focus Support Services (SFSS), to engage the organisation ‘Canine Comprehension.’ to provide the program ‘Friendship and Responsibility.’

The organisation utilises dogs to work with a small group of students to explore topics such as:

  • Motivation - e.g., what motivates us; what is internal vs. external motivation; what motivates the dogs; how can we use motivation and incentives to promote positive thinking and behaviour.
  • Feelings - e.g., what they are; what we call them; how we express them; the benefits of sharing with others; strategies for managing strong ones.
  • Thoughts - e.g., what is positive vs. negative thinking; how does our thinking affect the way we feel and behave; what control we have over our thinking.
  • Communication - e.g., how we respect others when they are talking; effective ways of getting the attention of others; strategies for boosting confidence when speaking; actively practicing through teaching commands and tricks to the dog.
  • Mindfulness - e.g., following a guided meditation; colouring; journaling or writing; drawing.

The small group consists of 10 students from Grade 5 and 6 and is a mixture of girls and boys. The program is one hour per week, for 8 weeks.


Ed Connect is a volunteer organisation that provides people to work in schools by providing support to groups or individual students by as directed by the classroom teacher. We currently have two volunteers in Grade 4 and Grade 6 respectively.

News From The Art Room

Our Values Postcards have arrived!

Please keep your eyes out for our new Values Postcards that form a part of our new rewards system. Students will be given a postcard when they demonstrate certain Coburg North Primary School values during the school day, with a variety of cards representing each of our three values: Respect, Responsibility and Resilience.

Building and Grounds Report

We have had another busy month around the grounds at Coburg North...


Hello everyone,

Our Inclusive Playground is almost complete!

Work has been progressing steadily throughout June. Play equipment has been installed and the final elements of rubber paths, shade sail, slide and bridge will all be ready for the first week of term three.

Work has now commenced on the Coburg Crop – our new garden space. Preliminary plumbing and electrical work have already finished and the space is ready for landscaping.

Keep an eye out for the shipping containers, concrete benches, chicken coop, garden beds and propagation house that will all be enclosed within the Crop! Work is expected to take ten weeks.


Our grade six students have completed the first stage of planting for their inquiry projects.

Along with the grade six teaching staff, they have worked very hard to prepare several gardens for their native planting. They have created spaces for medicinal plants, native ground coverage, climbing gardens, vegetables, and new trees to make our school look great and continue the rejuvenation and development of our grounds and buildings. The change has been amazing, and everyone is looking forward to seeing the westringias, brachycomes, grevilleas, casuarinas, silver wattles and vegies grow!


As part of our on-going maintenance of the school, we will be checking and cleaning gutters during June and arranging for much-needed painting of some of the classrooms, both inside and out.

We are also continuing the process of maintaining the Essential Safety Measures of the school. This process ensures that all building and emergency services (fire protection, means of egress and all other hazard protection measures) are maintained and performing as required.


The holiday break will allow for some major work to be completed at school:

  • Our arborist is coming to ensure our trees are safe and well maintained.
  • Construction of the dividing walls in the grade three and four portable classrooms will begin.
  • The new STEM benches will be installed.
  • The final patching and rectification of the defects on the outside basketball / netball courts will be completed and there will no longer be water pooling on the surface after rain.
  • The granitic sand path that boarders the oval and the STEM building will be graded, creating a safer and more easily maintained surface.

I look forward to the next newsletter and reporting everything that is happening at Coburg North.


Jump Off Day Celebration!

On Tuesday 22nd June we had our Jump Off Day, where we celebrated all our hard work over the past six weeks. As a school we have been raising money for the Heart Foundation and learning lots of new skipping skills.

I am very proud to announce that as a school we have raised:


This is such an AMAZING effort and a big thank you to everyone who participated and joined in the program. It has been so wonderful seeing everyone skipping and improving their skills.

I am so proud of everyone and remember every little donation counted towards our total! This money will go straight to the Heart Foundation and help people suffering from heart disease. Here are some photos from our Jump Off Day, which was a huge success!

Captains Column

Hello, we are Abi and Camille, two of the school captains. We agree it has been a pretty great term! Even though we had a sudden lockdown, everyone handled it really well.

Over this term many exiting things have happened. This included; the beginning of the construction of our playground, the grade fives hosting Rethink Day, and many sustainable changes to the school by the grade 6’s inquiry projects. But there’s so much more to come over the year, hopefully next term the kitchen garden will begin construction and the playground will be ready!

We hope next term is even better and runs smoothly. We have had a great first semester, we hope you have too! We hope you have a fun, COVID safe break!

Education Week 2021

During Week 6 (23-29 May) it was Education Week.

Education Week aims to positively profile and celebrate the strengths and achievements of Victoria's government education sector. This year’s theme was ‘Building Connections’. It celebrates the connections between schools and local communities. This provides an opportunity for all primary and secondary schools, higher education, and early childhood services to showcase how they are building connections with the community around them.

This year Coburg North decided to celebrate Education Week by giving students a maths challenge called, ‘The Eureka Challenge’, from the Victorian Education Department. Each grade needed to complete throughout the week, during maths lessons. The challenge required students to work collaboratively in teams to design and construct a free-standing tower. The only materials they were able to use were masking tape and recycled paper.

All of the students did a fantastic job at working together, using mathematical language and sharing ideas to problem solve to construct a free standing paper tower. The tallest tower recorded was in Grade 5C, standing at 2.31m.

Congratulations to all of the students for their amazing efforts. Well done!!

Thank you,

Jacinta Fitzsimmons and Alyce Farrugia

Parents and Friends

The Return of Trivia Night – August 14, 2021

After the success of the CNPS Trivia Night in 2019, the Parents and Friends plans to hold it again in 2021, on the evening of Saturday, August 14. (Note, we had previously announced the date as July 31, but due to a booking issue with the venue, we have had to reschedule to August 14.) So SAVE THE DATE.

We’re looking for volunteers to help to plan the event and for people to donate goodies, prizes and/or auction items for the evening. If you want to help out with the planning of the event, or wish to contact us about donating prizes, please email us at CNPS_PF@hotmail.com

NOTE: as we don’t know what COVID-19 might bring us this winter, there is a contingency plan to run the Trivia Night as an online event.

Plants Market: We Need You – And Your Pots

Planning is underway for this year’s Plants for Panels market in October, and we need volunteers to help make it a success. We also desperately need more pots to propagate the seedlings.

The first plant market was held in 2019 and raised more than $8000 towards playground works. In 2020 the sale was held online and raised $3500 towards the school’s solar panels.

This year P&F plan to hold the event at the school on Saturday, October 23, with activities and stalls to complement the plant sale. This event will be open to the wider community and will again raise funds for the solar panels for the school, a target which is very close to being achieved.

If you’re able to help, or you have spare pots around the house, you can register your interest by emailing us at CNPSevents@gmail.com

Other ways you can support the Plants for Panels event:

  • donate plants (we generally get lots of succulents so please think of other types of plants you could donate)
  • grow plants from seeds
  • closer to the event, we’ll need volunteer to help out on a stall or other roles on the day.

Stay up-to-date with news about the sale by following the Plants for Panels Facebook page: https://fb.me/CNPSPlantsforPanels

Bunnings BBQ Is Back On – Volunteer or Donate

You could call it a Wurst-case scenario – COVID-19 cruelled our plans for the Bunnings barbecue originally planned for June 5. But the good news is, Bunnings has offered us the new date of Saturday, August 28.

We will need plenty of volunteers on the day, and so will be in touch again soon to seek your help.

You can also support the barbecue by donating items to help reduce cost of the sausage sizzle. We need the following:

  • Soft drink cans
  • Bottled water
  • Small juice boxes
  • Tomato Sauce bottles
  • BBQ Sauce bottles
  • Mustard (mild please)
  • Napkins (white standard size)
  • Cooking oil

If you can donate items, let us know by contacting us at CNPS_PF@hotmail.com

Winter Clothing Notes

Borrowed Clothing Notes:

  • If your child has borrowed any school uniform items from the Office, please wash and return them sometime soon.
  • Donations of school shirts, in the larger sizes: 8-12, are welcome.
  • During winter, if you know your child is likely to get wet or muddy, please provide some spare clothes of their own in their school bag.

Lost Property:

Please ensure your child’s school uniform is clearly named, especially jumpers. Then we can sort the items and return them to student’s classroom.

TheirCare: After School Care

Good morning!

Unfortunately, due to the circuit breaker lock down we have been running without our usual BIG numbers and we have been dearly missing them all and cannot wait to have them all back with us!

On a brighter note, the students who did attend participated in our Environmental Week. It was great to see all our brilliant little leaders of tomorrow pondering over ways we can apply our best practices to make a real difference!

We planned lots of environmental related activities this week and the children diligently participated in all with full enthusiasm.

Up Coming Events

  • Naidoc Celebration - 15 Jul
  • National PJ Day - 19 Jul
  • Athletics Carnival (Years 3-6) at Coburg Track - 21 Jul
  • Mini Olympics (F - Year 2) - 27 Jul
  • School Council Meeting - 28 Jul
  • Master Planning Parent Workshop - 7pm, 29 Jul
  • School Tree Day - 30 Jul
  • School Assembly 30 Jul
  • July Newsletter 30 Jul
  • P&F Trivia Night - 31 Jul
  • Year 6 Canberra Camp - 2 Aug to 6 Aug
  • Coburg District Athletics Championships 25 Aug
  • School Council - 7pm 25 Aug
  • Virtual Family Reading Night - 5:30pm-7pm 26 Aug
  • Book Week Parade - 27 Aug
  • School Assembly - 27 Aug
  • Father's Day Craft Stall - 3 Sep
  • Years 3 and 4 Camp - 6 Sep - 8 Sep
  • Year 5 Camp - 8 Sep - 10 Sep
  • Division Athletics Carnival - 9 Sept
  • R U OK Day - 10 Sep
  • Student Led Exhibitions - Film Festival - 16 Sep
  • Footy Colours Day - 17 Sep
  • School Assembly - 17 Sep
  • P&F End of Term Special Lunch Footy Colours Day - 17 Sep
  • End of Term Early Finish - 2:30pm

Community News

Pascoe Vale Uniting Girls Gymnastics

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