Jeffrey Dahmer By : Hunter White

Early Life

Jeffrey Dahmer was born on 4:34 PM on the 21st of may in 1960 in Milwaukee. When Jeffrey was young his dad started to work long hours in his laboratory and his mom worked as a teletype machine instructor. His parents marriage started to show cracks in it early with his parents fighting and Jeffrey took it to heart. Shortly after his fourth birthday he was diagnosed with a double hernia that needed to be operated on. And in 1968 he was sexually molested by his neighbor but at the time it was unreported. By age 10 he began to experiment with dead animals.

What did Jeffrey Dahmer do?

Jeffery's Father made him enlist in the army but soon after that he was kicked out due to his heavy drinking. Dahmer then traveled to Florida , where he spent most of his time in a hospital that he was later kicked out of due to his drinking. After he got kicked ut of his grandmas house he then got his own apartment close to the place that he worked. The first murder happened in the summer of 1978 where he picked up the hitchhiker named Steven Hicks. They headed back to his home where they started to drink beer and once Hicks wanted to leave Jeffrey strunk him in the back of the head with a 10 pound dumbbell. The second victim was Steven Tuomi who was killed in Septmber of 1987 Dahmer picked him up from the bar and killed him on impulse.

More things he has done

It was later discovered that Jeffrey Dahmer would go to gay bars and pick up people and kill them. He even kept a skull of one of his victims Anthony Sears. In 1991 a 14 year old boy was discovered wandering the streets drugged and then the police was notified. However Dahmer was able to convince the police that it was just his boyfriend and then the boy was handed back over to Dahmer in which he murdered later. He began killing somebody each week in the summer of 1991. Dahmer believed that he could use different techniques in order to make " Zombies " that he could have. A total of 7 skulls was found in his apartment and a human heart was also found.

What could have been done better ?

What could have been better was to not be so persuaded by him. For example whenever he was chasing the young 14 year old boy down the street the cops hot call of course, but when they got to there he was able to persuade the police and was able to get the 14 year old boy back into his hands. Also another thing that should of been done better was he should of been a registered sex offender but it never happened.

How could this help us in cases in the feature?

This would be able to help us with future cases because with him we are able to look into his childhood and see some of the things that may of lead to his killings as an adult. And with the cases we looked at we should look into the guys childhood and able to see if anything has happened to them.


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