Egypt Presented by Jonathan Watkins

Valley of the Kings

Fun fact:

The valley of the kings is one of the most sacred places according to its ancient writings called hieroglyphics. Hieroglyphics are symbols that spells words or sentences


Most Egyptians depend on the Nile River for many things, such as: crops (planted at the beds of the rivers), resources(food & of course, water), & travel. Most people don't understand the use of rivers except to their acceptance of use. They're in " de-Nile".

Great Sphinx


Giza pyramids

Egypt is home to 1 of the 7 wonders of the world, The Great Pyramids. Or I could be some old 'Yiza'. Egypt is the place where the Great Sphinx lays. There, he hides his mystery that is an ancient one. (Many mysteries lie in the Sphinx). The Sphinx faces east toward the sun. Some say he used a riddle that was a life or death if not answered correctly. However, one place that is a must see is the city of Cairo.

Cairo City

Famous Foods

Egypt isn't all about the sight seeing, you'll want something to munch on while you're there. One dish (#1 of 10), that is... different. That dish is called Gibna Domiati. A kind of cheese made in Damietta. Mostly, their diets are vegetarian, which means a vegetable diets. (Pictured below). Halawa, (Top left) is an veggie filled sand which with some weird vegetables inside. Taro or Colcasia soup, (Top right), is mainly a soup made from potatoes.



Created with images by khalid Albaih - "New Eygpt flag 2" • Sam Howzit - "Hieroglyphics" • Artist in doing nothing. - "Gokarna : Architectural details. Kotitirtha. Sacred pond. Also lotus." • tinou bao - "Sphinx" • CircaSassy - "A short history of early peoples to 1500 A. D., from cave-man to Columbus (1922)" • AhmadHammoud - "Another bit of Cairo at night" • Free Grunge Textures - - "Egypt Grunge Flag"

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