First amendment By Julie,Max,Luis

The first amendment is about the national constitution part of the untied states which is the bill of rights and the amendment is important because it gives good freedom of religion
Freedom of religion is the first religion mentioned in the bill of rights. This shows how important it was to founding fathers in many states. The first amendment allows people to believe and practice whatever religion they want.
This freedom gives people the right to gather in groups as long as they are peaceable the government must allow people to gather on public property. The government may get involved in order to protect the safety of the citizens.
This amendment is to our lifestyle because most of the world is inslave and they don't have a freedom as they are kept as pets
This amendment is an issue connected to king George III as faced to the colonist is that the people wanted to have the bill of rights but then some others do want the bill of rights because then the slaves will be free. And some say that no because they like to have slaves kept as pets.
In conclusion the first amendment is important because it gives good freedom of religion

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