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July-August 2016 - 2nd Issue - Holiday Special

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Holiday Special Edition

Inside The Louvre, Paris
Frankfurt, Germany

It's summer and time for holidays, this month we are featuring a 'Holiday Special' as most of us are taking a break from work at home by relaxing or visiting family back home and getting rejuvenated, or traveling off to a far away land and exploring the world and enriching our experiences.

Skin Care on Vacations: While on our holidays, we often like to take a break from everything. That incudes skin & haircare. The best thing to do is take sample size containers and fill them with a basic moisturizer, especially if you don't wish to carry around large containers.

Beautiful Paradise Gardens of The Prague Castle

Couple of things worth carrying:

Arc de Triomph
  1. Sunscreen
  2. Vaseline
  3. Nourishing Hair Conditioner
  4. Vitamin E Capsules (Available at local pharmacies & usable as skin and hair serums)
Healthy glowing skin ready for the Sun!

Love Your Skin!

A woman's face is her fortune, and so is any body's if you look at life. A beautiful / handsome face has lots of good opportunities handed down to them all through life, be it jobs, spouses, and the list just starts right after you are born. Your face is the first thing people notice, so why not take care of the beautiful gift God has given you. If your skin is good, you are automatically in the 'beautiful' bracket. Even if you have acne skin, there are lots of things that you can do to keep the acne down to a minimum. You just have to put in the effort that is required on a daily basis to keep your skin looking fine as it should. The main thing is that you give yourself the care you require to look the best you can. We put a lot of emphasis on make-up, and that's fine, but if your skin beneath the make-up is good, you won't need much and you will look even better with the make-up on. Besides proper night creams, face washes and serums that suit you, the most important thing you can do to look your best is have a Facial. A good facial boosts your skin's circulation, prevents blemishes, and gives you a glow from within. Your face looks as appealing without make-up as it would with good light make-up! And that's how you know you got the right facial. Your Facial expert should give you time and there should not be excessive dragging done by the Facial expert's hands. Hands should have a gliding motion on your face. You should also not be taking any type of strong medicines or be under any treatment so that you don't react adversely to anything. A good specialised Facial according to your skin, along with the right skin care creams, good cleansing, a balanced diet, proper sleep and lots of water are all that you need to look your best, because, you definitely deserve it!


Great shots of wonderful holiday destinations! Enjoy a visual


Send us your favourite holiday pictures and we will feature them here & on our fb page!


Featured Product of the Month:

The Body Shop Vitamin C Serum

The Body Shop Vitamin C Serum is a miracle serum light on your skin but delivers the right amount of Vitamin C to the skin so you look fresh and your skin looks bright for the summer.

Summery Hair Shades

Intellectual's Edge

by Zahid Islam

In my previous post, I had drawn attention to the habit of our learners to overuse the article 'the' while writing sentences. Grammarians now agree that this is caused by lack of extra reading although such learners may be listening to a lot of spoken English through popular TV programs and shows. Another reason is some learners' proclivity for transferring rules from their own first language, incorrectly, to English. This mostly happens where students have learned English through the out-dated translation method.

1) The first rule is to learn the fixed expressions and idioms. You need to remember the entire phrase. You don't say: "I went to cinema" but "I went to the cinema". Similarly, you should say: "I arrived at the airport" and not "I arrived at airport". Look at the articles or their absence in the following phrases:

'make a start' / 'have a drink' / 'on the coast' / 'off the record' / 'in debt' / 'on loan' / 'out of action'.

2) There is generally no article in the names of people or places, such as, villages, towns, cities, parks, streets, countries (except in some cases, i.e. the Philippines, the Czech Republic, the United States, the United Kingdom).

But my purpose here is not to go back to the basics of grammar;

rather it is only to emphasize the importance of reading books and magazines that can transform your style of writing.

To conclude, I quote from the great 18th century scholar and prose writer, Dr. Samuel Johnson (1709-1784), who also had the distinction of compiling the first dictionary in the English language in 1755: "A man ought to read just as inclination leads him, for what he reads as a task will do him little good."

By Zahid Islam

The Glory of Books
Tour de Eiffel

Holiday Special! Glitter client Saima Mohsin Meer on her vacation in U.K

Saima Mohsin Meer on her vacation in U.K

Glitter client Shayan Arif enjoying her time in Jordan with her family

Shayan Arif & family in Petra, Jordan
Petra, Jordan

Glitter Client Sahrish Bhutto in Paris touring the Eiffel Tower

Sahrish Bhutto in Paris, France

Glitter client Aiman vacationing in Karachi, Pakistan at a farmhouse

Aiman & family at a farmhouse in Karachi
A farmhouse in Karachi

A picture speaks a thousand words! Enjoy 'Juggernaut Photography' of around the world

The Louvre
Jardin de Trocadero

Juggernaut Productions in Paris

View at night time in Paris

Palmengarten, Frankfurt, Germany

Romerberg, Old Town, Frankfurt, Germany
The Louvre
A busy mall area of Frankfurt


By Dr. Sahrish Bhutto

Do you believe the sun will come out tomorrow? Positivity is the key to good health. When challenges in life seem overwhelming, it is important to sort it out by talking and discussing it.

Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) is one of the biggest global challenges women are facing, with one in eight women fighting this syndrome. If you are facing menstrual irregularities, weight gain or skin changes like acne & hair growth, it's time to book an appointment with your doctor.

This syndrome affects women intimately and its something that many of them don’t talk about much, but as a health care provider and a doctor and more importantly as a woman, it’s our responsibility to spread the awareness and knowledge related to this syndrome and its long term associations with serious health consequences such as diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and heart diseases.

One thing that is very important for woman to know is if you are suffering from PCOS, you are not the only one. It is one of the common diseases that can afflict any woman in her reproductive age. A woman with PCOS grows many small cysts on her ovaries, which are not harmful but can lead to hormonal imbalance. Hormonal imbalance results in appearance of all the symptoms like irregular periods, acne, excessive hair growth, weight gain, increased insulin resistance that may lead to diabetes and the real fear is about the ability to become pregnant, Yes! Women suffering with PCOS do face difficulty to conceive.

PCOS does impact the ovaries but it is more than that, it is a hormonal disorder that impacts on just about every area of body and life. Losing weight and fighting with depression is a constant struggle, but keep this in mind you are not alone in this struggle.

Although coping with PCOS is a challenge, it is complicated and requires constant struggle but remember it is not a fatal or a dangerous disease, so be a strong woman, accept the challenge and initiate a conversation with your doctor as soon as possible. Prompt treatment, a healthy lifestyle and an optimistic mind can help minimize or eliminate many of the symptoms.

With PCOS getting pregnant can be a challenge but the good news is that it is not impossible. There are number of treatments available. So if you have irregular cycles and you are trying to conceive for the past six months, book an appointment with your obstetrician/gynecologist or infertility expert. Medications, injectable drugs and intervention are available with a good success rate.

Healthy eating and regular exercise helps a lot in coping with other problems like weight gain; depression and insulin resistance. Exercising on regular basis can control our hormones and its productions.

Therefore, increase your awareness, see what you are eating. Don’t be a couch potato, go out, hit the gym or get some fresh air and workout. Be supportive and understanding if any of your loved ones are suffering. It can be your wife your friend or anyone from family, understand that she is struggling with her self-esteem. Many women with PCOS report having issues with their self-esteem.

Better support and understanding can help us fight any challenge. Thanks for taking time and reading because as a society it’s our responsibility to help in educating and spreading awareness related to health.

“Healthy Woman, Healthy Society”

Eiffel viewed from the top of the Arc de Triomph


Intellectual's Edge: Zahid Islam

Photography Credits: Juggernaut

( except client holidays)

It's Not Just Ovaries: Dr. Sahrish Bhutto

Editor In Chief: Zahid Islam

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