9 Things to Know About Being in the Legend Titan Marching Band By Madison Jornod

1. Leadership Roles. In a successful Marching Band there are leadership roles in order to keep discipline an strive for the final end result. Leaders take it upon themselves to keep the band focused throughout the day, in order to accomplish more tasks. The Legend Marching Band consists of, a head drum major, an assistant drum major, one head squad captain, three assistant squad captains, one head section leader, and at least one assistant section leader (depending on the size of the section itself). For example, the mellophone section has one assistant section leader, whereas, the flutes have 5 assistant section leaders. In the end, leaders keep the band under control, teach the new members commands, and help further the band.

The Head Drum Major of The Legend Titan Marching Band, 2016.

2. Always be prepared. Bring all the equipment necessary to band everyday. Items such as, sunscreen, your dot book, appropriate clothing, a water bottle, and your instrument, are all important to a successful day of work. Sunscreen and appropriate clothing which include, sun glasses, a hat, and close-toed shoes are necessary for marching and keeping you safe while you're out in the sun. Water is the most important because it helps prevent dehydration which leads to fainting. Bring your dot book because it is what you use to learn the different sets and without it, you slow down the process and will end up running at the end of practice. Always be prepared because you don't know what the day will throw at you.

3. The Schedule. Before signing up for Marching Band check to make sure all the events work out with your schedule because once you join there is no turning back. All performance events are mandatory and you may not miss if you want to pass the class. There is a Pre-Summer Marching camp some time in May, in other words, an all day practice. In the beginning of June, there is a week long Mini-Music Camp. At this camp you go over the basics and memorize the music for the show. After this, there is the actual band camp which is two weeks long, three for color guard and drum line. Not to mention, if you join marching band you must attend all performances, after school practices, and all Saturday rehearsals.

All Day Saturday Practice.

4. Music can take you all over the world. The legend Titan Marching Band was invited to march in the London New Years Day Parade and I was able to be apart of that. In London, I had an amazing experience with my fellow friends and enjoyed a once in a life time experience.

5. Family is a major part of Marching Band. Once you join, you instantly obtain a group of friends that will always have your back. I had to switch schools half way through eighth grade and as a result, I was left friendless. The next year, I decided to join marching band because I wanted to give it a chance after hearing about how great it was. I will never regret that decision because I made so many friends my freshman year, whom were always there for me, having my back.

Legend Titans Marching Band Mellophone Section, 2016.

6. Brass. The brass section is made up of high brass and low brass. The high brass include the mellophones and the trumpets. While, low brass is made up of baritones and tubas. When playing a crescendo or a sforzando, the sound builds from the lower sounding instruments first and then higher ones. The brass bring the sound and power needed to get the audience excited.

End of 3rd

7. Woodwinds. The woodwind section is huge, made up of flutes, clarinets, alto saxophones, tenor saxophones, bari saxophones, and bass clarinets. All of them are reed instruments except for the flute. This section usually plays the faster portions with the 16th note runs and so forth. In the end, all the instruments add to the amazing sound that a marching brings to the field.

Woodwind General Effect Part in 3rd Production

8. Commands. In every marching band there are specific commands called, in which you will respond together as a group. They are categorized under marching basics. One command used is, Band Attend Hut. When this command is called everyone stands in to wait for instructions. There is also Band Right Face and Band Left Face. These are used so the band can fix their dressing issues side to side. Also, the vocal response for these commands, is Hit. Although these are some of the many commands, you have to be ready to think on your feet, in order to respond to them.

9. Field show. Every year in Marching Band you learn a show that you will perform on the field, at competitions against other school. At these events you are judged based in specific categories. Some categories include, Visual Individual, Marching Individual , Marching Ensemble, etc. Everyone in the band is accountable for their own part. In addition, the music played is usually an original piece of music written by Jair Klarfeld. Peter Weber is our drill writer who puts the music on the field with marching.

The Retreat. Where The Bands Stand After State Finals and Wait For The Awards to be Given Out.
Legend Titans, 4th in State with an 84.20

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