Chapter 29 Spark Page Michael DeLouKer

Central Nervous System- brain and spinal cord, receives information.
Peripheral Nervous System- System all over body, except brain and spinal cord, sends information.
Somatic Nervous System- part of PNS. Voluntary movements.
Autonomic Nervous System- non- voluntary movements.
Parasympathetic- controls left side.
Sympathetic- controls right side.
Sensory Nueron- senses pain, and it to brain.
Interneuron- gives signals from one neuron to the next.
Neuromuscular Junction- brain sends what it wants to do to neurons, they send it to this, this tells muscles when and how to move.
Motor Neuron- in spinal cord, tells organs and muscles what to do.
Norepinephrine and Epinephrine- sent out by nervous sytem to keep body alive, fight or flight System.
Acetylecholine- sends neuron messages to other cells.
White Matter- brings nerves to other neurons.
Grey Matter- contains senses.
Synapse- between two nerves, a jump.
Cerebral Cortex- outer layer of brain, consciousness.
Lobes of the Brain- control different movements, 5 different lobes. All contain different things, actions, etc.
Limbic System- emotions and memories.

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